Friday, May 15, 2009

Golly! Everything Takes Forever! No Work Today

The weather was a lot cooler today, it would be a great morning to work on the Coronado. Ray hadn't "Put Out The Animals" yesterday. It got postponed until today. My doctor's appointment was for 10.30. I let Bobcat out on her screen porch for a while, and brought her back in before I left. Jay wanted to go into town with me, so Mae Mae and I went to get him. I had scurried around this morning to have the cat's cages clean, and the animals fed, but Jay just took his sweet time getting ready.
We took any excess stuff out of the van, including the second bench seat, and stored it in the vintage motor home. We were going to be hauling plywood today.

We got to the doctor's office about 10.25, and after an hour and 25 minutes wait, with no decent magazines, the nurse said there were still 3 or 4 ahead of me. We had just just taken the Reader's Digests that I carry around with me for such emergencies, out of the van ! I told the receptionist that I couldn't wait any longer. I was just going to walk out of there, when my doctor called me in. I told her that last week her office had sent me down to the other Sadler Clinic in the next town as she didn't have time to see me, and she said not to let them do that again. The other clinic had prescribed an antibiotic that was not suitable for me, so she gave me a different prescription for antibiotics and a nasal spray. She said they were both the $4.00 generic.

Before we went into the next town we dropped my prescription off at Krogers, and they said it would be ready in two hours!

We went to the vet all the way on the east side of the next town to get MaeMae's prescription of Kidney Diet. Had to wait there, too.

Then to Lowe's to get some plywood for the Coronado floor. More waiting there.
Then to Petsmart for Jay to see them about his fish, and I asked their vet there if they could order this prescription food for MaeMae. After a wait there, they said that they would have to get back to me.

A couple more little stops then back to our hometown, to Kroger's Pharmacy. We had been gone 2-1/2 hours, and it still wasn't ready. So we each bought a few things in the grocery dept., and finally my prescription was ready ..... $67.25. So the nasal spray wasn't generic. How do folks afford medicine at those prices? I did not accept it, just got the antibiotics, some Breathe Right Strips that Sandra recommended, and some cough drops.

Petsmart called and said they couldn't get that kind of Kidney Diet Food, so I am back on a hunt for a closer supplier. I had run out, and tried to feed her some of the other brand that I had, but she turned her nose up at it. So I put it in the fridge. When I got back, I gave it to her again, and she decided she might as well eat some of it. To reward her, I gave her some of the one I had just picked up, and a treat.

So no work today.

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Gypsy said...

Would the Kidney Diet Food be available by mail, such as Pet Meds or something like that?

I sympathize with the cost of prescriptions. Hope you get by ok without the nasal spray.