Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Coronado Steps and Tongue. "Free Puppies".

Maybe we are going to have some Spring-like weather after all. This is the third day we haven't had to run the AC. Bobcat is staying out on the porch enjoying it.

Jay was busy with something, but Ray arrived, and we got the Coronado step and tongue painted.
Makes it look a lot better.

Then we went up to my attic and got down some insulation. Enough to do the Coronado bedroom floor, at least. I know I will have to get more later.
I was straightening out about 5o feet of 12 gauge wire that we had pulled out of that box that was on the tongue. I got it all rolled up, and it can be used again.

A man down the street has a "Free Puppies" sign on his front fence. I wish he would just turn them over to the Humane Society where they would get the care they need. You know that they haven't been wormed or vaccinated, or they wouldn't be "Free". He can't check out the new owners like an Animal Rescue does. Often "free puppies" are used for bait for fighting pitbulls.
It is such a shame that pitbulls have acquired such a terrible name because of a few unscrupulous people who don't care about the poor dogs, but just the almighty buck. They are born very gentle loving critters. They loved to be loved, and will play with your kids so gently.
The fighting dogs go through a lot of torment to make them mean, live in terrible conditions, with no good treatment for their wounds. Sometimes just left to die alone, and thrown away.
If you know of any poor dogs in that situation, I sure do hope that you would let the authorities know. For that matter, please report any animal, whatever species, that is being undernourished, improperly housed or mistreated. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/394582/professional_dog_fighters_what_is_wrong.html

They are all God's critters, and we should do our very best for them every day.

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