Friday, May 8, 2009

Just a Fairly Lazy Day. Tigers on 20/20 tonight

Bobcat was out on the screened porch early, but by noon I had to make her come indoors, as it was getting too hot.
We five, (Bobcat, Patches, Mime), the three cats, MaeMae, (little poodle) and I, just took it easy.
Ray was painting across the street, and Jay went with the neighbor to the hosptial in Houston, see his mother, Claudia.

When she called, she gave me her phone and room #, but now they have moved her again, into a regular room. So she must be getting better and better. But she is still not thinking quite clearly, and is a little paranoid. I would hate have had the amount of chemicals they have pumped into her.

I still had a few more cleaning jobs in the dog room, and the dog's beds to wash, so I just took my time doing most of that. I even found a few more stuffed toys buried under the beds!

I hadn't realized that people were still being mean to tigers. I thought that hunting them for their fur had been stopped. Why can't they just be shot with a camera ?

John Stossel is doing a segment about it on 20/20 tonight, but is it a good idea to have tiger farms to make tiger parts? Sounds inhumane to me.

My daughter loves tigers and lions, and she is going to be very distressed to hear this.

Just another cleaning and lazy day.

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