Saturday, May 16, 2009

Better Night. Worked on Front of Coronado

The Breathe Right Strips did a good job of keeping my head from stuffing up last night, so I got a halfway decent night's sleep. Thank you so much for telling me about them, Sandra.

The weather was warm, and Bobcat was out on her porch until noon. MaeMae "helped" us outside. It will be a couple of months before Claudia comes home and her medicine is going to be about $1400 a mo. for a while. So she cannot afford the vet bills and she has to be careful about being around animals, so it looks like MaeMae is mine again. MaeMae instinctively knows this. She already lost her "Dad", my late DH, so she knows things happen.

Again, Ray and I couldn't work on his floor today, as Shay will be back tonight, and he knew we couldn't finish it in one day. So we will have to wait for the next opportunity when she will be away.

Therefore, we did some more work to the Coronado. We were going to paint the step, but upon inspection it was obvious that it has been painted many times before. Ray applied paint stripper, and while it was working we started to remove the AC and ugly stand from the tongue of the trailer.

Just getting the AC out was a lesson in how not to install something. What were they thinking? I had always noticed that it was not tilted down outside for drainage, so I knew to expect some water damage inside, but they had used the weirdest trim and fastening systems. Then used silicone which made a path for leaks!

The metal shelf that the box was bolted onto, was bolted to the tongue, and that was a pain to get off, too. It was another one of those jobs where I had to keep on getting different tools out of the workshop, and it took the little black wagon to move them all back.

We finally got 'ur done, and covered the AC hole with a piece of Formica for now. In between prying, sawzalling and wrestling with the box, Ray scraped layers of old yellow, pink and brown paint off the step and slathering on more paint stripper. I was also keeping an eye on the burn pile, as we had got that going. Now we can work on the tongue and get it painted.

A productive day.

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Sandra said...

Glad they worked Penny. I use them pretty much nightly due to a deviated septum and allergies.