Sunday, May 24, 2009

First part of floor in Coronado

Another Non Air Conditioning Day, that is fine by me.

Ray is still working on the ceramic floor, as I can hear the water saw cutting the tile from across the street.

MaeMae and I picked up Jay, and we started back on the Coronado bedroom floor. MaeMae 'helped' from her little work bed.
Because the back end of the Coronado tilts up, ever so slightly, we couldn't make our first "break" on the plywood at the 4 foot mark. So we concentrated on that first angled 30".

We got it insulated, there wasn't enough room to put fiberglass in there, so we used 3/4" foam board insulation. The framework is all screwed with self-drilling screws, or carriage bolted to the frame
underneath. There are two outer solid main frame rails, and then a third one in the middle which is an I-Beam.
We had kept the radius corner pieces of the old floor to use as a template for the new one, so with a lot of measuring and re-checking, Jay cut the plywood, and we got it tapped in place, under the walls.

Then the plywood was all screwed down with strong exterior grade screws to the framework. We had put patches of masking tape on the walls to mark the framework, and popped lines with a chalk box, to know where to put the screws.

We knew that first piece with the radius corners would be the most difficult.

Yesterday, Jay had brought a roast here, and I had cooked it in my Presto Chef's Kettle slowly all afternoon. So we celebrated by having roast beef sandwiches. Boy, was it tender.

We feel that we accomplished something today.

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