Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thank You. More Demolition. Odd Jobs

Another day that I didn't like Bobcat being on the porch after midday. I was worried that she would get overheated. She has fresh water out there, of course, but I just don't want her to overdo it.

I know most of my health problems right now are from being out in the heat, and then grooming in the cold dog room while Sheba was here. Being in freezing Krogers, yesterday, waiting for my prescription, didn't help. I want to thank you all for your kind 'get well' words. I don't ache today, so that is an improvement.

Here are Mime and Patches sitting on top of one of the cages watching what is going on in the house, through the glass in the wall. I don't let them in the house now, as Mime might hurt MaeMae.

First thing Ray and I did was to adapt the two white hanging water dishes so that they could be hung in these cages. When they scratch around in their boxes, litter would fall in a regular drinking bowl, and that is dangerous if ingested.

When I was checking my emails this morning, with the door open to Bobcat's porch, I heard a puppy crying. Bobcat made it known that I needed to investigate. MaeMae didn't even bark. There was a black puppy inside my front yard gate with it's head stuck in the lattice. Someone must have dumped it on me. I got it free, gave it food and water, then a while later it did the same thing again. So I put it in my fenced patio behind the store room, where there is no lattice, and called Animal Control. They must have been in the neighborhood as they were here in 5 minutes. I am not equipped to care for puppies, and none of our SPCA fostermoms had space. It was a sweet little puppy, so I hope it will get a good loving 'forever' home through the Humane Society's Adoption Program.

Ray and I only had an hour, so we couldn't start on a big job, so we did some more demolition. We got the tub out before he had to leave. I am glad we did this, as the floor under it wasn't that solid either. No sense in doing it partway. We also made some steps to make it easier for me get in and out of the Coronado.

Jay would be good at this floor repair, but he is too busy drinking beer right now, his SS stimulus check must have arrived!! What a waste of good money.

Ray and I have already booked the next few days for tearing out the shelves and vanity out of the guest house bathroom, as Shay is away house-sitting for 3-4 days. Ray and I know that it will go a lot easier without her being there. Somehow a floor soft spot developed in front of the vanity, so it has to looked into. Then we will lay new lino in the guest house bathroom and kitchen.

Because the van will have to carry a lot of stuff over the next few days, I bought the new serpentine belt that it needed, and Jim, the mechanic, put it on today. It was the tensioner being off kilter, that was hurting the belt, so I had to drive the Puddle Jumper into town to buy one of those, too. It hasn't been driven over the subdivision's speed limit of 25 mph for such a long time, I am sure the trip knocked some of the dust off the valves!

I had to try to sleep sitting up most of the night. Everytime I would lay down, my head would stuff up and I would start coughing.

I didn't get a chance to take a nap to find out if it still does it, as I got too many interruptions today.

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