Monday, September 29, 2008

Lumber Racks Repaired. Murphy's Law

Not very interesting for anyone else, but my family likes to see what I am up to each day. I try to get them to understand that just because of my age, I don't need to be put in a home ! I am still useful, and don't need to vegetate, I hope.

Ray and I wanted to get everything that needed burning on the burn pile, so that it can be eliminated, and have grass growing there again. The burn pile was only started for the storm's debris. I knew that some of the boards on the lumber rack needed replacing, so we got that done today. That meant moving all the lumber, bit by bit, removing any bad boards on the racks, taking them to the burn pile, replacing them with treated ones, and putting the lumber back where it belonged. This rack is for storing treated lumber only, and it is all sorted out into dimensions and lengths. The rack is behind some bushes and corrugated fiberglass, so it can't be see from the road and doesn't bother anybody. We are always using some of it for something.

That is the joys of ownership of a house, always a shed, fence, lattice or something that needs to be repaired, mowed or trimmed.
Oh, the walkway does have a curve in it, as it lines up to a wooden gate into the back yard. It isn't a camera or operator problem.

A couple of the sites where I advertise stuff had a special for all us Ike powerless folks. They are letting the Basic, not just Premier, advertisers post some pictures on their ads. I know a picture is worth a thousand words, so I quickly got the pictures out of AOL Picture Storage, and back into my computer. Just as I started to edit them into all the ads, the cable went out. Even though I resize them before storing them, it took a long time to get it all done on dial-up. Of course, as soon as I got it all finished, the cable came back on. Murphy's Law was at it again.

Another nice day with the windows open, Bobcat on the screen porch, and no AC needed until I closed up the house for the night. And that was so that it wouldn't get stuffy.

After moving the lumber, it was an Aleve and nap day.

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