Thursday, September 4, 2008

Puters...*#%^** A Boring Rant !!

Last night I was trying to get my desk computer to get OneCare.Live in it, as suggested by the Geeks. All I got was an error code. OneCare had said to take out other scanners first, so there I was, with an unprotected computer. While I was in different computer sites, asking what to do about that error code, it caught a worm or germ, and had a big sign about that on the screen.

Someone suggested putting CyberDefender in it, so I did. Boy,Oh, Boy, that messed it up for good. I had to unplug it to stop it from constantly turning itself on, trying to get on line and turning itself off again.

I got out this laptop, and tried to tend to my mail, but I hate this keyboard, it does weird things. I think it is the small space bar, so I find it typing in the middle of text that I have already typed, as I am hitting the keys next to the space bar. Or else there is something wrong with this laptop !!

I had already bought a new Windows XP Pro SP2 w COA, but hadn't had the nerve to do a clean install myself. (The reason I had to buy a new XP is that I got the Sony Vaio PC in a car deal, and it had belonged to a chain smoking cat lover, and it died of emphysema after a few months. When I got it back from being repaired the XP in it wasn't genuine, didn't have SP2, wouldn't update, and I couldn't get a lot of things to load in it. ) So the time had come to take my PC to a computer doctor. This morning I loaded up the PC up in the truck, and took it to Conroe. He called this afternoon, and I pick it up tomorrow. So for tonight, I am struggling along with this laptop.

While I was there I bought a USB to PS/2 adapter so that I can use my mini keyboard that I usually use, on this laptop, but that is kind of defeating the purpose of having a laptop, isn't it ? I already have an external mouse for it, so I would be carrying around my keyboard for it, too. Now I know that Mrs. Geek says that is a good idea, and if I was fulltiming in my RV, I can see the advantage of having a decent keyboard along. Maybe I just bought a laptop with an awkward keyboard. I didn't try to use my usual mini keyboard with this laptop yet, as I just don't have the room for it on my little desk, and my PC will be back tomorrow. I would have to take my flat screen monitor off the stand that we made so that I could slide my little keyboard under it, and put the laptop up there, so that I could use the mini keyboard on the desk.
I took pictures of the stand we made, but then I remembered that I don't have either camera loaded in here !!

For a computer ignoramus it was a frustrating day.

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