Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Still No Power, Muddy Water Rarely. Phone back for a While

I got someone to charge this laptop for a while when they had their generator running, and then the land line went out. I was hoping that their sine wave was right for it and wouldn't damage the laptop. Seems it didn't hurt it. I couldn't believe it when phone worked this morning. So writing this with a flashlight, before it goes out again.

I do have an old inverter that is square wave, and only takes a two prong, and my laptop is three prong, even with an adapter, I would like to know if it would hurt my laptop, as I only have 18 minutes left on it ???

Ray and I fixed the hole in my roof, but had no power to use the wet-vac in my bedroom, but I don't have the terrible damage that some have.
The lines were downed due to a big tree falling across the road, but the lines were probably damaged further down the line, too.

Couldn't get the genny going, friend checked it out and it is the fuel pump. They said to jerry-rig a car one on it, but no auto parts stores open. But I did get the RV fridge on gas. Yesterday morning I was trying to make sure the flame was still lit, and slipped on my wet steps, so my right side is black and blue.

Our town, and all areas around it, are completely without power, no gas, no food, no Post Office or anything. Ray went into town to one of the PODs (Points of Distribution) and got ice and water, then I did the same thing in the afternoon. On the way home I have to cross over the freeway, and there were fleets of boom trucks coming south, I was so happy, that I just cried. They had been telling us on the recorded message on the power company's phone that it could be weeks before our power is restored.

I found couple of styrofoam ice chests and have them in the little bathroom bathtub. Shay and I have been cooking just about everything we could, and storing it in ice chests, but after all that cooking, all I fancied was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Another boondocking tip: you measure the water you need with your electric coffee maker carafe, pour that into a kettle to heat on the stove. Hold the basket with coffee over the carafe pour the hot water through the grounds. I have a "gas perculator", but this tastes better, to me anyway.

Another powerless day.


Sandra said...

Sorry to hear about your fall. You seem to be coping with all the obstacles caused by Ike. Glad you're keeping us up to date. Hopefully someone will be able to tell you about your inverter. I would say it isn't a good idea but you need someone like Jack to tell you!

Debbie and Rod said...

Be careful out there Penny! Watch your step.


Steve & Maria Borba said...

Penny, great to hear that you are safe. My thoughts have been with you.

Wishing you the best.


Joe and Sherri said...

Penny I have been a miss in reading your journal and for that I am sorry. I am further disturbed over your loss of electricity and the problems that have come up because of that. Roof leaks no water Oh I know you are ready for this to be over. Sherri and I are thinking about you and hope that things begin to look brighter as the days go forward. We are thinking about going to Galveston to help my sister and BIL get their lives back together. See you in Chat.

Joe and Sherri