Saturday, September 6, 2008

Nice weather. More Fence Painting. Sold Aloe

Ray came over at 8.30 am and I wasn't expecting him. I wasn't ready, and was still talking to my daughter on our usual Saturday morning phone chat.

He knew the new boards that I had bought the other day needed to be washed, so he got the new pressure washer out of it's wrapping, put together and hooked it up while I finished getting ready. This new way they have of treating wood leaves a lot of green fuzzy stuff on the boards, and we wanted that off before we primed and painted them. I got some racks similar to milk crates to put them on. He got them washed, and then primed the part of the fence that he had washed the other day. I was 'gopher", and went back and forth to the work shop for hammers, screw guns, screws, etc. that were needed for this and that. By the time he had it all primed it was dry at the other end so he could start all over again and paint it. At least it isn't a continuous thing like painting the Golden Gate Bridge. At lunch time we quit for the day. It isn't all painted yet.

I intended to go to Adoption Day to visit with Minkie and Kashy this afternoon, but Kenya wasn't taking them today. I miss them, but not taking care of them. Minkie was always knocking stuff down and I was constantly having to bend over to pick things up, or look under my bed to see if Kashy was still there, and that hurt my back.

So I spent time getting my computer back the way it was, getting Picasa, Quicktime, Adobe , Java, icons for Disk Clean, Defrag, picture re-sizer and all that stuff back in it.

Then I got an email from some folks who live 4 miles from me. They had seen my listing for Aloe Vera on Houston Craigslist, 50 miles away, and they came and bought a bunch of them. I have more sold on eBay auctions ending tomorrow, so they are gradually going. Maybe only 900 more plants to go !! I usually mail them, so this was a first. Some that are sold on eBay are going to be picked up, too. That way they can pick out the ones they want, as they are only 15 miles away.

My barometer has gone up to 29.85, and it was so nice out today. That end of the fence is mostly in the shade, so it was great to be outdoors.

Less humididty, and even though it was warm, it wasn't a sticky, muggy day.

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Joe and Sherri said...

Cool pictures! I had to catch up on all you have been up to. I get so busy with work that I don't have time to read everything on my list! Oh Well such is life...I will have more time next year.

Joe and Sherri