Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Busy Day! Fence, Grooming, Blades, Aloe, Shopping.Tires.

Cut down and ready to bathe, dry and finish.

I tried to start grooming early, but it didn't happen. Ray came over and we got a lot done on the fence. Some of the original boards that I hadn't already replaced over the years, were so rotten and loose that they could become flying missiles, if Ike gave us any really strong winds. We installed about half of the new boards. I had the chopsaw on a piece of plywood across my little black wagon, plus other tools and screws and tools inside it, and wheeled it into the back yard. Ray took each of the rotten boards down, gave me a measurement and I cut the new one. Then I would hold up one end from inside the fence while he screwed it in place on the outside. As soon as we had all the 'two person' work done, I went into the grooming room and started on the dogs.

I have been trying to find another good clipper blade sharpening man to do my blades, as the really good man moved and I can't find him. I had bought a little sharpener, but when Jay tried to use it, even after reading the instructions, he held the blade at the wrong angle, which ruined it. As soon as Ray was done with the fence, I asked him to try. My old fingers can't get them apart like they used to, or I would have done it. I have to have a dog here to try the blades out. Jay 'sharpened' a couple of them, but they just bogged down and wouldn't cut. So we just don't have the hang of it. I have found a gal in town who has a big sharpener, but I don't know if she is any good at it. So I am very limited on sharp blades right now. I have all different sizes, and most of them don't work, so I might give her a try.

A local lady had bought some of my aloe on eBay, and she emailed me that she could come to pick it up today or Friday. I said Friday would be better for me, well, she wanted to come today.
She and her kids were here for about an hour choosing the ones she wanted from the porch and the long trough of aloe in the back yard. So that put me behind on the grooming again.

I had Jakey (7 years old) and Sheba (13 years old) partly cut down when she arrived. Mindi, their "Mom", apart from being a flight attendant, also has horses, so she is in the country and likes her 5 poodles cut really short.

It was already way past lunch time, and I was going to bathe, dry and finish them, when I remembered that I HAD to go into town this afternoon. I wish I could have groomed them yesterday morning, when I had more time. Isn't that always the way! I prefer to groom in the mornings, and they arrived in the afternoon when I was already working my other job.

So I had a quick bite, drove into town and got that urgent job done. Then stopped at the tire store to get two 'new to me' tires for the utility trailer. These were made in 2008, so they should last a while. They mounted one of them, and I have to go back with the other rim, probably Saturday. I also stopped at Krogers so that took more time.

By the time I got back after 4.00pm, I was out of the grooming mode.
Mindi called from Tuscan, and her husband will pick them up tomorrow, so maybe I will have time to make some dinner tonight.

I think I have enough done for today.

PS. 6.30pm. OK, OK, I hadn't wanted to bore y'all but ......Someone just asked me what on earth was so earth shattering that I HAD to go into town today, when I was already so busy.
When I paid the 2 water bills for the house and guest house in July, the incompetant new gal in the office posted the payment all to one account, and none to the other. It clearly had on my check the 2 accounts numbers in the Memo part. She even gave me a receipt showing the amounts for each. I tried to straighten it out in August but she had got fired and the whole office was in a tail spin with another new person. They were going to turn one off.... the water to my house, so I had to take the receipt in to the office, if I wanted to keep my water. I wonder if money came amis in that office, too ? They were very apologetic. So now you know the rest of the story.

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