Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman. Revolution. Disk Clean

We lost a great person today. Paul Newman succumbed to cancer at 83. One of the few Hollywood marriages that withstood the craziness there. His charities have done wonderful things for children with cancer. I just can't imagine how awful it must be for a child to have to go through that. He will be missed.

The weather is great, I have the windows open, and Bobcat spends most of her day on the screen porch. I even drove the un-air conditioned Puddle Jumper into town.

First thing, I went to the vet's office to buy some Revolution for the cats and dogs that expect me to have it on hand for them. Such as Mikey, (Sam's poodle), Sam had a stroke, and can't make himself understood very well. Then there is MaeMae, Muffie, my Bobbiecat, and the stray cat outside. I buy a big vial of it, a lot cheaper that way, put it in something like a baby food jar that has a good gasket, and draw it up in a diabetic syringe, (without a needle). I measure for the appropriate species and weight of animal, according to my chart. It goes on the back of their neck, and it stops them from having heartworms, fleas, ticks, earmites and mange, so it is pretty handy stuff.

Then on to Kroger's to start replenishing the food that Hurricane Ike ruined. I open my freezers and can't believe they are empty, as I always have frozen pre-cooked food, (nicer word for planned left-overs) and frozen food galore. I never worried about "What shall I have for dinner", I would just pull the oldest dated item out of the freezer. It keeps food rotated, and I don't have to make any decisions. It will take a while to get all that back to a working plan.

This machine still isn't working right since I had the new Windows XP Pro put in it. I do a Disk Clean Up regularly, and when I checked it today, I found out that it isn't working. I have over 1 -1/2 million bit and pieces in there, that won't go away, which will slow it down. I tried to get info from Microsoft, but that is like pulling hen's teeth. I copied out the suggestions on their website, and did them , but it still didn't get rid of them.. The Disk Clean Up is just not working. There is so much stuff under the hood of one of these things, and you have to know the right buttons to click !! Autos are so much easier.

At least I could do house, if not disk, cleaning today !

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