Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Boards Primed. Messing with Puter.

Yesterday, Ray primed the other sides of the fence boards.
It is easier to paint them before we install them

Then he painted the inside of the fence on the side.
That is where there is one of the bird feeders, and we love to watch them swooping down out of the trees to feed. There is also a ceramic 'birdy' ornament there that holds other bird food.
They know a good thing and build nests in those trees. The raised flower bed is where Ray and Shay's beloved Princess, black lab, is buried. I day babysat her for years, to the end.

Then he painted the fence boards.

I had to fiddle with my computer for ages in the afternoon. It is set up on a hospital table that raises and lowers, and then the desk chair does, too.
This is the little stand we made for the flat monitor, and the mini keyboard slides right under it. Then I can do other things in front of it, like look my big dictionary, maps, or eat !!

Finally got it almost where it was before, except that the Camera Wizard isn't working, so I have to get my pictures out of the camera with Picasa, and delete them out of it from there. "My Pictures" still isn't working the way it was. But I will have to deal with it, until I know how to fix it.

This morning at about 6.00am, I was trying out my camera. There in the corner of the screen porch is Bobcat laying on the ledge that runs all around inside. She likes to see the sun come up each morning.

Today is another day.

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