Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just Still Cleaning Things Up from Ike

Nothing interesting to report.
Bathed MaeMae just about as soon as there was hot water, and electricity to run the dog dryer.
Put the new tire and wheel on the utility trailer, and took the other wheel off and took it to the tire store to get the other new tire mounted on it.
Went to the grocery store to take Jay to get some stuff, and I needed bleach, and I didn't even look at the meat dept. as I am so used to having lots of food in my fridge and freezer. It is very foreign to me to have no food in there. But I still have my stockpile of canned goods, and those need to be eaten up. I could live for a month on the canned meat and veges I have.
They only just got power restored to poor old Sam, who had a tree come down on his roof.

Raked up the last part of the yard today, but as it is Sunday, I didn't want to put smoke all over the place, so will wait for a calmer day to burn it.
Jay washed the truck, and helped Ray get the big air conditioner out of the window as it has developed a terrible noise since the storm. It was unplugged, as was everything else until the power became stable. I don't like to see ACs hanging out of windows, but you can't see this one as it is in a window that is going onto the screen porch, next to the patio door from my living room, which also goes out to the porch. There is another patio door that goes out into the hall and front door. The AC's window is over the porch sink and drips into it, and then that sink drain is piped underground to my maple tree. Ray's diagnosis is that the motor is going out, so I had better buy a new AC. They are only supposed to last 5-7 years, so this one has served it's time.

Still going through all the emails that arrived while the power was out. Maybe I can get to read some blogs soon.

Just busy days.

Later that evening:
When Ray and I took the AC apart, I held the back end up while he dripped some oil on the shaft to the fan, so that it ran down the shaft. We didn't re-install it at the same steep angle that it had been either. I turned on the AC in that evening and it had quit squalling, so maybe that is all it needed. Good. Maybe it can wait until next year to get a new one.

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