Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lovely Pictures. Just a viewing Day

I didn't do much of anything constructive today. Unloaded the dishwasher, washed both bathrooms' rugs, swept kitchen floor ! Big deal ! I should have got Muffie, and groomed her, but I didn't feel up to the hassle that I have with her, today. She is a "spoiled bratkin".

While checking my mail, and reading some of the news stories, I happened upon some lovely pictures on and I especially liked the Nature ones.

Then I clicked on the weather to see if I needed to turn on the underground watering system to the privet hedge and trough of aloe, and found all these Wunderphotos on the left side: I got engrossed in that, and even picked some for Desktop Pictures, as I like to change them out. No rain in the forecast, so I turned the waterer on. It shuts itself off, as I would get busy and forget.

I looked at several of the tutorial videos on They are very interesting. I fiddled and messed with different things on this machine, got the Disk Clean working, and had it going faster and better, but it soon slowed down again, even though I did a Disk Clean Up and Defrag, after looking at all those pictures.

This should help the next light bill; another no AC day.

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