Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ike Pictures. Cleaned Debris Off Roof.

Here are some 'Before and After' Ike pictures of Boliver Island. That is east of Galveston, and you get there by boat, compliments of the "Texas Navy", the free ferry.
There are a lot of pictures like this, but this just shows you how bad it was.

Click to enlarge, if you wish.

Yesterday, Jay and I were up in the storage area, looking for a box for the Aloe. We could see through those screened slots that are on each side under the top roof that there were a lot of downed branches, and pine cones on the other lower roofs on each side. It was built that way so that heat wouldn't build up there. All I need is to have those gutters plugged up, or the branches get blown down onto something.
Jay seems to like getting up on the roof, so he threw the branches down, raked and ran the blower up there, while I cleaned up what was tumbing down. So more clean-up from Ike.

About ten days ago, the handle on the inside of one of my patio doors broke off, and it was difficult to use that door. During the power outage we just used the screen door and didn't use it, but now that the AC is back in use, it reminded us to fix it. It might sound strange, but this patio door goes from my living room to my front hall where my regular front door is. I can see who is at my front door, all the way from the kitchen, through that patio door. My kitchen is right in the middle of the house, and I can see out of the windows in all the rooms off it, in three directions.

We found an old brown metal patio door handle, painted it white and installed it. We couldn't do it before as we had used up the charged batteries on three cordless guns while the power was out. We are always using the cordless guns for something around here, as I have quick connect drill bits, and sockets that go in them, as well as just using them for screwdrivers.

Jay's mother just got home from her Ike evacuation, so little MaeMae just was picked up. So just old Bobcat and me again.

Just a fix-it day.

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