Friday, September 5, 2008

KY Steamboat Race. One button Solution!

Last night on the RV-Dreams chat room the subject got on to the Great Steamboat Races in KY which is held the week before Derby Day.
I have never been to KY, but I loved the lunch cruise on the Natchez in New Orleans years ago. It was one highlight of my trip to New Orleans. The caliope, or steam organ, played lovely music while we ate a really good meal. I love to listen to them and see the steam coming out of the stacks in spurts. I was with my brother and SIL from England, and I always enjoy their company. I wish I could see them again, soon.

There is something stirring about a paddle wheeler or stern wheeler that reminds me of the good old days, the movies of gambling on the mighty Mississippi, and James Garner as Maverick !
Wouldn't that be a sight to see the Belle of Louisville and the Delta Queen steamboats racing ?
I have always wanted to go on a steamboat cruise, and got literature about them years ago.
It is tucked away in a filing cabinet, before the days of computers.

Speaking of computers, I got my PC back today, all better with it's new XP Pro, and so I have been busy loading AOL back in it and getting it to accept the printer, camera, etc. This is all old hat to you folks raised around puters, but not to me who learned to type on a MANUAL, not electric typewriter. I had only seen the back of a computer at places like doctor's offices and banks when my son handed me one and said "Now you can put your 1953 Silver Streak Clipper on eBay". I sure learned a lot keeping that old Dell with 32 Memory going. I was disk cleaning and defragging constantly to keep it running. I knew my way around eBay, and didn't know how to email for a few weeks.

I even mastered the keyboard on this laptop, there was a button that I found that stopped it from typing in the previous text. Not having used a laptop before, it is all new to me. It was quite simple really... just turn off the mouse pad !! My hand was accidentally touching it as I was typing.

Here is something for you to enjoy today:


Sandra said...

Although I didn't learn to type on a manual typewriter, I did use one and we had one at home. I did learn on an electric typewriter in high school then graduated to the IBM Selectric at my first jobs. It was fun to change the ball to have a new font. Now we have thousands of fonts available! Technology!

Glad you've got your computer back and all is ok.

Jim and Dee said...

I'm so glad you have your PC back. It's really irritating to not have it work, when you're not sure how it's suppose to work in the first place. See ya on chat.