Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike has just about gone through. Left his mark.

Hi Y'all. Laptop on dial-up.

I have been up most of the night. Power was out when I awoke from a cat nap at 5.00am. It was a long time till dawn. Didn't know right away that Ike had torn turbo off my roof, and attic was full of water, until it started dripping in my bedroom. Got a big storage bin under the big hole upstairs now, and dishpan in my bedroom.

The worst seems to be over, I hope. Can't get any of FOUR battery TV's to work, not even the brand new one that I just bought for this storm, as it didn't hold the charge. Going to try to get genny going, I hope, now that the driving rain has slowed down. Got to breathe some cold into these fridges and freezers.

Inside and out, a muggy, humid, dripping day.

It didn't stop raining completely until about 6.00pm. Then we had a nice surpirise, we had a little muddy water coming out of the faucets, not much pressure, not enough to take a shower, but it was water. I knew that the water in the water heater would still be warm, so I was able to take a little warm bath. Great after paddling around in the rain all day, or crawling around in a leaking attic.
I had been taking care of Shay's outside cat, Blackie, for the storm, and she was finally able to go back outside. I haven't driven around yet, but I heard that there were trees down on houses, and Sam's trailer. Sam is the old guy who had a stroke, and I groom his poodle, Mikey. Poor Sam, he didn't need that.
There is no telling when we will get power, and I can't get the generator started, so I have to conserve this battery.
Bye Y'all, Have a Safe Day


Sandra said...

Glad to hear you're ok. Too bad about the damage but something that can be fixed, at least you're still with us!

Debbie and Rod said...

Glad you made it through with minimal damage. I know what it's like to go through one of those, it's no fun. Stay safe and stay dry.


Bill said...

Nice to know that you are alright. Hope you can get things going soon.


Mark and Dortha said...

So glad to know you are okay and sounds like you didn't have too much damage. Take care and let us know if you need anything.