Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11. Pictures of Ike Traffic. Groomed S & J.

Today is the anniversary of those sorry sods running airplanes into the Trade Center, and trying to get the Pentagon, too. Please remember all those who lost their lives or loved ones.

I got a phone call at 6.00am this morning as I was walking Jakey. My daughter, SIL and my grandson live in Brazoria County. It has mandatory and voluntary evacuation, depending on how close to the coast. My SIL had to stay there as he is considered"essential", but my daughter and grandson have evacuated to Bryan, TX, so I am glad that I don't have to worry about them.

I started on Jakey and Sheba first thing, and had them done by lunchtime.

Their "Papa" picked them up at 2.00 pm and took them back to the ranch. I took off for Conroe. Why didn't I do that yesterday ? Because I don't go that far away when I am taking care of someone else's dogs. Anything could happen.

I wanted to take a picture of the traffic going north from the top of the bridge over the I-45 at the end of my road. There was a cop car there, so I thought that I had better move on.
But I did take these near the Outlet Mall on the way to Conroe....
Click to enlarge if you wish, as usual.

All through town, on the freeway and the State Highway there seemed to be a cop at most corners. Looking for drunks, or people acting crazy, I guess.
The lines at HEB for $3.35 gas, were terrible. I thought I would go up SH 75 and get some at the Citgo, even though I usually shun them since their owner said such nasty things about the USA.
It was just as bad there, and I just wanted to get home in all that traffic.

I took a picture of the Chevy dealership with tape "Xed" all over their big windows, but it didn't come out. Baskins was all boarded up:

The TV was saying all this morning for local people to stay off the northbound freeway, so I came home on SH 75, at only 10 mph at times. The freeway was so busy that a lot of people were on 75 northbound.

I took this last picture on the freeway bridge on my road through my side window, on the way back. The cop had gone.

This is about 20 miles south of Huntsville (TX)

This was one time when it wasn't so backed-up.

I bet it is worse tomorrow.

Now they are saying that I could get 100 mph winds here.

A slow driving day.

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