Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yard Sale Slow, But Steady All Day.

Well, I got it done. I have hardly sat down since I opened up at 7.30 this morning. So I am beat. I covered up all the tables at dusk, and drove around taking up my signs. As soon as I got back I fed the cats as I knew when I did sit down, that I wouldn't want to get up any time soon.

I am just going to clean up the yard tomorrow. But while I have it all out and sorted, I might just have it again next weekend, too. This subdivision only allows two yard sales a year, but when I do have one, it is huge. Then most of it will get donated. I have plenty more summer stuff to sell for Easter, and Spring, which we left up in the storeroom attic. Maybe that attic will get empty one day.

Thank goodness I had made some shrimp gumbo for tonight, as I knew I wouldn't feel like cooking. But Bobcat is hovering around me as she wants some shrimp.

HiLo Guy is supposed to be here at 8.00 AM, and it is all ready for him. I plugged it in and turned on the fridge so that it will be cold for him to check it.

Cold this morning, in the 40's, but turned into a sunny warm day

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