Friday, August 22, 2008

Sold Door. Genny wouldn't start

I had Muffie and MaeMae for the night, and I board them in the house with me. MaeMae sleeps in my late dog's bed, under my bed, and Muffie sleeps at the foot of it. So MaeMae and I went to pick up Jay, I can't take Muffie as she cannot be trusted not to dash out of the car, and she is not voice or leash trained. We just got our thoughts organized as to what we needed to do today, when Nell arrived to buy the big heavy door. We got it in her minivan, and off she went. She didn't get the storm door at this time. The stove and dryer will need some attention before they can be sold.

The 4KW Onan generator on the Class B+ has been starting regularly for 12 years, and even powered an AC and other things in the house for three days during Hurricane Rita. This time, for it's monthly exercise it wouldn't start. The gas guage was at about 1/4 tank, so we went and got some gas, as generators shut down when the tank gets down to a quarter full. With the gas gauge needle way over 1/4, it still wouldn't start. This was mystifying. Then we saw that a gas line had a bad crack in it at a bend, so the genny was sucking air. Jay cut a piece off the fuel line and we went into town. We got 6" of fuel line, a barb fitting and some stainless steels clamps. We did a bit more shopping and came back.

MaeMae needed a quick haircut. She has one eye that weeps and it puts a matted spot on her face if it isn't tended to. I didn't do a full groom, not enough time, I just tidied her up a bit, clipped her neck and body. Then I took her and Jay home, as his mother should be home by then.

So not much today.

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