Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just Bought a Board, and Showed the Class B.

That is just about all I did.

Jay and I went to Conroe, and went to one of the two thrift shops that we had missed the other day. The other one is closed on Saturdays. Jay bought several matching switch and outlet covers made of antique brass to go on the front side of his kitchen bar. I bought a little Tupperware sugar bowl thingy for my RV, and a red mug. I have lost one of my red mugs, somewhere on this property. When I drink my two cups of coffee in the mornings I put it in a red mug so that I know it is regular coffee. If I make any more during the day it will be "unleaded" coffee (decaf) and I put it in a white mug. I just can't sleep if I drink regular after noon, so I am very careful about that.

Near that thrift shop is the biggest Dollar General store of the three in Conroe and the one in our town. I don't even have to move the truck to go there, so I picked up a few things.

Then we went to Lowes and bought the treated 2x8x10 board for repairing the RVport. As we hadn't left until about 10.00 am, we were back by about noon, and we decided that it was too hot to start on the work today, so that will be a tomorrow thing.

The couple from Waller, TX came on a motor cycle to see the Class B. They want to trade in a 99 silver Volvo station wagon, which they said they will drive over tomorrow. We will see...

My youngest son stopped by as he had a job to do in my subdivision. He said that he might even get my fiberglass Class A motor home running, and bring it back to me. He has been using it as a spare bedroom for the last couple of years. We will see....

Not much for today.

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