Sunday, July 27, 2008

Only 29% Humidity! I Think I will take a Walk.

Minkie was all better this morning, and started playing with my feet through the covers at 5.30 am, as usual. She was letting me know that she was ready to start her day and go out on the screen porch with Bobcat.

As I was checking my email and drinking my coffee, I quickly looked at the weather on the internet, and I happened to see that it was going to be only 29% humidity. I couldn't believe it, it is usually at least 70%.

Oh, good, I will walk down to the community mailboxes, which are down by the pool. I need the exercise, even though I get quite a few miles in when I go to WalMart, Lowes, and Home Depot.
Then below that it said that the temperature would be 100 deg. at that time, as it would be at 4.00 pm, so that nixed that idea !

So I tucked myself and the cats in the air conditioning and looked at places in the world that I will never see, through my monitor instead. I watched the web cam of Old Faithful, and tried to catch up on the Rving blogs, and just went from link to link around the world sightseeing.

I answered a few emails about my ads, which come in this screen name, the one I use most of the time. Then I tried to catch up looking at the jokes and interesting things that friends send me to my other screen name, which I don't have time to check very often. They usually send them to me, and a whole bunch of other people, with all those other folks email addresses showing, and I don't like to forward them like that. I guess they don't know about Blind Copy. So I like to take the time to copy and paste the articles, so that all those other addresses disappear. Less for spammers to feed on.

I also just piddled around, cooked some stuff, cleaned some stuff, and took it easy. Kashy "helped" me change the sheets, wrestling, hiding and playing with them, so she is coming out of her shell. She is a good little kitty who just needs to get over a lot of fears, and gain confidence. I think that being around wiley, extrovert Minkie is doing her good. Kashy is so tiny, and young to have had kittens already. The SPCA got her when already 'really' pregnant, and couldn't get her spayed in time. Two of her babies have new homes, and she saw the other two yesterday at Adoption Day, but showed no reaction, but she hasn't seen them for a month.

Just a lazy day.

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