Saturday, January 26, 2008

Working on the Coachmen B

I usually make a paneling area for the cord, but this van had everything in the way of where the cord is supposed to store.

We are trying to make a "scoop" where the main cord for the RV doesn't get tangled up in all the other wires, and plumbing lines under the coach/bed. First we had to tap into one of the lines to add two outlets. One up on the side of the slide-out pantry where I want to put a toaster/convection oven, across from the stove, and one on the side of the couch/bed. It will be a handy place to put a cube heater, in the bathroom area, out of the aisleway. Tested and fine.

We will have to add another outlet for the new entertainment center though.

The upper bed in this B is really in the way, you really have to bend over to get from driver's seat to living area. Who wants to try and get up there anyway ! We took out the two wooden layers of the part that pulls out, and the bottom part of the cabover bed part. But we found that the metal roof of the original van is up there.

I was scared to have my helper do it, but with a sawzall and tin snips he cut out about 11" off the metal roof, keeping the main strut that goes across, intact but movable. See pictures.

We nut and bolted it into the new position, after carefully splicing and shink-wrapping some speaker wires, and a 12v wire. We put a new wooden 2" x 2" bolted across the front to start our construction of the new oak entertainment center up there.

More tomorrow, got to take some measurments and make a template for the design of the entertainment center, but that was enough for today

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