Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Another New Thing! Just an Update.


One new thing:-    Another computer became necessary because this new Open Live Writer won’t work with XP.  This is my test post with Open Live Writer!!  Doing it offline, as the internet TV and phone are all out.

A wonderful computer-savvy gentleman at our church took my computer and tried to put Windows 7 on it.   Then it seemed that it was just a lot easier for him to exchange my computer for an old one of his sisters which already had Windows 7 Home Edition on it.  That meant that I have had to try to get everything back to normal in this new computer.  That is no easy task for someone who only knew how to type when they were given their first computer, and never had any computer lessons.

Then another new thing:-      the Open Live Writer, that will take some getting used to, too.  But now I can’t find the old Live Writer drafts that were in my old computer.

And yet another new thing:-     Windows 7. Floudering around, though it isn’t too different from Windows XP.   I still don’t know where the “Move to Another Folder” option is in My Pictures, I guess I’ll find it someday.

Nothing much has been done to the repairs on the guest house as Jay is still working at his other job replacing the siding on that double-wide. He is also replacing the soffit and facia boards.  I even helped him for several mornings to earn a little extra money.  I am a good toter and go-fer!  One morning we brought back some of the siding and cut strips on my table saw for the corner trim.   Another morning I took my chop-saw and measured and cut boards for him so he wouldn’t have to climb up and down the 8’ ladder.  That really helps when one is doing high up work.

Still using any spare moments to list stuff for sale on eBay, Craigslist and .  So I haven’t been idle.

But I did get Jay to come up here on one of his days off to rehang the guest house front door.  When he hung it the first time he was messed up, or hung over, or still drunk.  I tried to take him home, but you can’t argue with a drunk.  The door, the jamb and threshold where bought separately.  He had hung it piece by piece instead of putting the jamb and threshold together first, then dropping the door in it and getting the hinges right.  And he didn’t attach the threshold.  Another helper and I tried to stop him but he wanted to do it his way.  Another helper and I did move the hinges, but we didn’t have time to take out the door and jamb.

This time Jay was OK, so I showed him what he had done and he agreed that we had to take out the door and jamb to redo it.  That meant that we had to cut some height out of the header to accomdate the complete door with the threshold.  The patio door that was in there wasn’t quite so tall.

It’s hung correctly now, but it still isn’t finished, because we had to remove the vinyl trim and some of the vinyl siding to do it.  I wonder when I’ll ever get the guest house done?  Don’t even have the plumbing run yet.

With no internet, I have been busy cooking for the church today, Thursday. Usually I do the cooking on Fridays, Preparation Day for the Sabbath on Saturday.  I am making Irish Corned Beef and Cabbage with carrots, new red potatoes, cabbage, onion, corned beef and all the spices.  One of the elders supplied the corned beef!

The TV, phone and internet are still out and have been most of the today.



Dizzy-Dick said...

My laptop crashed just a few months after I spent a lot of dollars on it getting it to work right. I gave up and went and bought a new one. I lost all my old stuff that I had not saved, but I still have all the old chips I replaced with new empty ones in my camera. That way, I always have my pictures backed up. They are on the chips and on my laptop.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Hi DD,
Thank you for your comment.

I didn't lose my pictures and anyway they were backed up in Picasa Web Albums and Google Drive.
There is a lot of discussion on the web about the picture folders in Windows 7. I can't find a way to move a certain picture out of one folder and put it in another one, like I could with Windows XP. Oh Dear, the joys of civilization!!

My grandmother was an avid photographer in the 1920's to 1970's and she would be amazed at what we can do with pictures today.

Happy Trails and Tails, Penny

Allison said...

Open the photo folder that has something you want to move. In the upper left corner of the screen there is an Organize button. It's a drop down menu. That's where they put the copy and paste functions. If you want to move it, rather than copy it, use the cut rather than copy.