Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Busy with the Ads, and Aloe, and Lumber

These last few days have just flown by. Ray and I worked some more on the lumber pile, getting it moved so that the fence can get repainted. We got a lot of the mess and pine needles cleaned up, that the high winds had blown all over the place the other day. We tore apart some racks that my late Johnnie had built years ago, I hated to do it, but they were no longer needed. Jay wanted to bring his lumber up to my pile. I think he was just trying to see if I would let him work here, which I didn't, as he was still acting up. But I knew he needed his little bit of lumber out of his mother's way, and so we loaded up my truck and brought it up here, and stacked it with mine. (Jay couldn't keep his paws off the fancy radio/CD in the truck and pushed buttons that made it do all sorts of weird things.) Ray and I had the burn pile going again, getting rid of everything that wasn't of any use, and the pine needles.

EBay was having a '5 for free' listing sale for certain sellers, including me, and I spent a lot of time on that. This machine always seems to get into low granny gear when I am on eBay.

I have been putting different spyware and virus searches on my computer, and running them, and removing them. I thought they might show up something that was slowing this thing down.
Nothing showed up, so maybe it isn't my computer, maybe it is the cable !! I got the laptop going on dial-up while the cable internet was out, thanks to Bill KY, who told me how to turn it off WiFi. But I am not at all comfortable with that keyboard, and you can forget that touch mouse pad thingy. When I bought it, the deal was that they would throw in a real mouse, and I make sure that he/she has it's own 'pad' !

It was time to renew some ads on Craigslist, and when the ads are new is when you get all the inquiries. I had to answer questions and sent pictures to prospective buyers. Craigslist only lets you post 4 pictures, so I have albums of each item, stored on AOL's Picture Storage, ready to send. That all takes time.

Before I took the truck out, Ray looked at my radio/CD, and tried to figure out what Jay had done to it. I had found the Sony "destructions" on the internet, and printed them out into a little book. We sure needed them. It still had a CD in it from the PO, and that was the terrible racket that the radio was making. Gee, who would WANT to listen to that !! We found out from the book, that the 'eject' button was behind the removable face plate of the radio. We got it back onto radio again, thank goodness. Now, I don't know which is the 'bass' button. They don't call it that anymore so I will have to study the book again. I wish it just had a plain old radio in it. All I want is the news, the weather, and some easy listening music, not too loud. I don't ask for much.

Finally, I got into the next town, with a big list of things to do, when one of my front brakes started smoking. Good Sam ERS kept me on hold for a long time, and then said that they would only take it to an authorized repair facility in that town, and I would have to pay the difference to get it to my town. The wrecker fee to my town was going to be as much as having it fixed, so I crept about a mile with my flashers on, to a little mechanic's shop and left it there to be fixed. Ray came and got me. Thank goodness he wasn't in a hurry, as there were two things I had to get before going home. Sand for re-potting the aloe plants, and some dry kitten food for the foster kitten, Minkie. We didn't feel like fighting the crowds, and always full parking lot at the Wally World there, so a quick stop at Lowe's and Krogers, on the way home.

Now that I had the sand to mix in with the potting mix for the aloe, I spent a lot of time the last few days on the screen porch, which is also my potting area. I had run out of sand while I was re-potting some of them the other day, and I couldn't just leave them out of the dirt, so I had to re-pot some of those again, too. I needed to know if they had rooted well, as folks don't want to buy plants that have root rot from over watering or something. So I took some pictures for my ads. I think that they are well-rooted !! I have some that are supposed to be sent to Canada. USPS said it was OK.

We have had thunder and lightening some days and in between them, Ray painted a little part of the Class B, just inside the side door, where it looked like someone had scraped their boot. The sun visor wouldn't turn sideways in the truck, so we fixed that. The snappers that hold the passenger side visor up on the Little Van, needed new snappers, so we fixed that. Mindi never did bring the dogs and the big black Lab, so we folded up the big, heavy German Shepherd cage and put it up. We got some of the monthly list done, as it was raining, i.e. cleaning and repacking the filters in the air cleaners, vacuuming the ceiling fans, cleaning AC filters, checking tire pressures of the vehicles that are under cover. We still have to start the generators, and check the tires on the other vehicles.

It never ends, the joys of ownership again. Now there is some kind of a leak coming from under the guest house utility room, there are suds are coming up from the ground in my RVport, whenever Shay uses the washer !!

Tomorrow will be a digging day.

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