Friday, July 4, 2008

Running Boards. Shipping Plants to Canada ?

Oh, What an interesting life I lead right now ! Not really.

Yesterday, Ray mowed the whole place after he got back from a pressure washing job.

Also, I was expecting Mindi to bring the dogs again, and I was going to groom Suggy, but then she called and said it would probably be next week now. She sounded tired. Maybe having a 15 month old in the house, when you are not used it, was the cause of that !!

As she wasn't bringing the dogs, I worked on the plants some more, and got caught up on reading some of the blogs of my friends on RV-Dreams chat. Some are Fulltimers, and I love to look at the pictures of the places they travel. Some are Gonnabees, who have contracts on their houses, waiting on the closing date, having the yard sales, giving their "stuff" to their kids or charities, and getting ready to get on the road. Some are Wannabees, and have the date set for when they can retire, sell their houses and "stuff", and get on the road. Some like motor homes, and some prefer fivers (fifth wheels).

Today, I was expecting someone to come at noon to look at the Class B, and I had noticed that the running boards looked a bit grubby, so Ray and I scrubbed them with soft brushes, scrubby sponges, and aluminum cleaner. They look a lot better. I had turned on the fridge, so that they could see that it worked. They didn't show up, and emailed me 15 minutes after they were supposed to be here, and said they could probably make it on Monday. Gee, I had even put on a dress !

My long utility trailer is next to the Class B, and so it reminded us to remove the flat tire. It had just got old, and when BOOM one day. We jacked it up, put jack stands under it, and the wheel is in the back of the truck until I can get into town and buy a new tire. Probably tomorrow, as I have to take Minkie to Adoption Day to meet her prospective new "parents". While we were at it we packed the bearings on each wheel.

I worked some more on the screen porch, re-potting aloe for a long time, and trying to find out more from the USPS site for shipping plants to Canada. Just one more thing to learn when you ship stuff, that takes time, until you have done it before. Domestic Mail is a lot easier.

I started writing this at 4.00 and it is now I have spent all this time finding out more about shipping plants to Canada. It take a special certificate and inspection through Canadian Customs. Our Post Office, and their main 800 # didn't tell me all this when I asked them about shipping plants to Canada. I need to go take shipping to Canada off my listings. Be right back.

Now, I didn't do just that for the 2-3/4 hours, I also put a pork roast into my electric frying pan, fed the cats, and kept on checking on the roast, etc. I could have put the roast in my big convection oven, but it is easier for me to do it in the big electric skillet, as I can add veges later easier. I love potatoes, onions, carrots, celerey done around a roast.
Not good for my cholesterol, but once a year can't hurt much.

I have to go put the potoates in with the roast, or I won't get any today !

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