Sunday, July 20, 2008

Busy Week, Didn't Get Much Done But HiLo Has AC !

Did a lot of things this week, but not much to show for it.

Ray and I worked on the sewer hose holder for the Class B. The old one had signs of wear. It isn't finished yet, so no pictures.

Still messing with this computer, it still isn't working right. Been on live chat to AOL Techs and other Techs, and I still can't get into chat room. When I click on 'connect', it goes to chat page, and then says "Regular connection did not go through", then "Trying Alternative", and then "Disconnect". First thing I did was to get the latest Java. I hated to bother Howard, but I did email him and ask him if something had been changed, and he said no. I even tried other versions of AOL, but didn't make any difference and I didn't like some of their features, so I went back to AOL 9.0 Security Edition. I put Firefox in here, but I was like a dog chasing a car, I didn't know what to do with it when I had it. I don't know how to fix the chat thing.

Jay's mother and neighbor went casino-ing for a couple of days, so I boarded their little doggies, Muffy and MaeMae, who stay in the house with me. MaeMae ignores other animals, they are beneath her, she thinks that she is a people ! But Muffy had a good time playing with Minkie, then I even let Cashmere loose, and the three of them had a good old time. I groomed Muffy while she was here, too.

With Jay's mother away, he didn't want to be on his own, so he hung around here for those two days. The first day he lolloped on my couch all day, but the next morning when I picked him up he seemed to be feeling better and we started putting the AC in the vintage HiLo, and he was glad to be doing something.

I had intended to mount it on the tongue of the trailer on a slide going in and out, of the trailer, with the outside wall cutout hinged at the top so that the trailer could still lower into the traveling position. The more I thought about it, even though I hate to see AC's hanging out of windows, this was the least invasive, and could be removed. In 1968 RV roofs weren't built to support ACs, as they were only just starting to think about that.

Installing the AC in the back window meant that my new lovely cellular blind had to be taken down, and I will have to make special drapes instead. But I have to make them for the side windows anyway, and I have plenty of material. As you can see we have an oak board, which Ray sanded and polyed, going all the way across the back of the trailer. This is to take the stress off the window frame. Then today, Sunday, Jay and I cut, and installed some heavy duty plexiglas to fill in the rest of the window. The piece over, and to the right of the AC is plexiglas. The front isn't on the AC yet, the blind supports aren't removed, and we haven't removed the awning window off it's slider.

Yesterday was Adoption Day at Petco. Ray and I worked on a couple of maintenance jobs, but it was getting too darn hot. At 12.30 pm I had the truck AC running even though it was in the shade of the three sided carport, while I loaded up the cats in their carriers in the front seat next to me, and off we went. I thought that Cashmere would be going back to Kenya's now that she had more room at her kennel, but her grandmother had died this week, the Memorial was Saturday, and so she wasn't there for Adoption Day. Another one of the volunteers had to do the adoptions that were scheduled, and run things for Kenya.

I didn't know when my truck was last serviced as there was no sticker on it when I bought it. I had been keeping an eye on the fluids, but I took it to get it serviced at the nearby WalMart while the cats were safe and sound at Petco. I thought that I would have a long wait at WalMart on a Saturday afternoon, but it was ready after I had picked up a few things, and then on to Lowes. I had a list of parts to get, i.e. different ways that we could replace the sewer hose holder on the Class B, and hook up the water to the faucet in the new sink in the HiLo, and different blades and parts that we needed. That meant traipsing from one end of Lowes to the other, and I had done a lot of that at WalMart as they were remodeling and nothing was in it's usual place. I was beat. I hadn't really had time to eat much before I left home, I had taken a cold lemonade with me, but that was soon gone.

I went back to Petco, I just didn't feel like shopping any more, my shoes were bothering me, and I hurt all over. My fosterkids, Minky and Cashmere, two of the sweetest, most gentle cats were in bottom cages. One of the fostermoms had the four middle cages, where they get the most attention, (you know like the grocery stores place their most expensive wares), and two of her cats were mean and would bite and scratch people trying to pet them through the cage bars. That would put people off, and they wouldn't even bother to look at the other cats in the bottom and top cages. So we didn't do well.

It really hurt me to get up and down to tend to my cats right down there at floor level, and I was already hurting all over. I had to get Cashmere out as it was time for her to have her Revolution (Flea and Heartworm Preventative) and then we found out that she was scheduled for another booster shot, so I had to get down and get her out again. But when time came to fold up all 20 cages set up for the Adoption Day, I helped fold, and load them onto the flatbed trollies to take to the truck.

When we got home, I let Cashmere and Minkie out of their carriers in my living room, and got the rest of the stuff unloaded, and I must have downed 4 or 5 glasses of ice cold water. I think I must have got myself dehydrated, no wonder I felt so bad.

An exhausting day.

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