Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cleaning Day.Cleaned Carpet,Van and Class B.

On Tuesday, Ray and I checked over the parts that I had bought at the local True Value Hardware store to hook up the water to the HiLo sink faucet. I was disgusted at the price I had to pay for a few brass fittings for the copper line. This is a vintage trailer, so I didn't switch to PEX or Qest. I knew that I was going into the next town on Wednesday, so I thought I would compare the prices at Lowes.

I found out, at Ellie's suggestion, that I could get into the RV-Dreams Chat Room, through Internet Explorer. Once I had done that, this computer knew it's way, and I could go in the way I always do, through AOL, and Howard's journal. I don't know why, but this computer is always slower if I try to use IE all the time. I also found out from trying different versions of AOL, that it works best with AOL 9.0VR, which stands for Vista Ready, but I have XP Pro. I had been using AOL 9.0 SE (Security Edition), and once I took that out, it seems to work better. You know how it is, messing with these infernal machines, it all takes time.

On Wednesday, I got outside early and started to tape off the windows and door to the HiLo, as Ray was going to start priming it today. But with Hurricane Dolly floating around, and not knowing what the weather was going to do, it wasn't a good day for painting. Ray spent some more time preparing the top half of the trailer for paint, the bottom half doesn't need painting, while Jay and I went to the next town. I had to get some things that I can't get in our town. Jay wanted to go thrift shopping, and I hadn't done that for a while, so I thought I might find something I needed. I did, I found some valances exactly the right color for the drapes that I am making for the HiLo, a cotton tank top, and a sleeveless summer dress.

In the afternoon I spent a lot of time watching the videos in Geeks On Tour, and copied some of my pictures that are important to me that are stored on my AOL Picture Storage, to Picasa. So now they are in at least two places.

Today, Thursday, it kept on raining, and stopping, due to Dolly. Ray and I knew that we couldn't paint the HiLo. Lowes didn't have the same brass fittings for hooking up the copper tubing to the faucet, so Ray installed the ones from the hardware store. We sure were glad to have the AC in the HiLo.

An auction house up the freeway, owned by someone I know, is having an auction on the 2nd. of August, and I am going to let them list the Little Van, with a reserve, of course. So Ray washed it, and got all the pine needles off it. I found a couple of tiny blemishes that he quickly spray painted between the raindrops. I was thinking about listing the Class B with them, so he washed that, too. But I haven't quite made up my mind about that. One line of the vinyl striping right up at the top of the Class B had got weathered and funky looking, so Ray took it off with a hair dryer, but we still haven't got the adhesive off, so I didn't want to commit it to the auction until we had that looking good. Also they usually do cars, and vintage cars, so I doubt if they have a 30 amp dedicated circuit RV outlet, and my Class B's AC won't come on with only 20 amps.

Jay got the now fixed carpet cleaner going and got some spots off my carpet, and freshened up the rest of it. He also cleaned a little area rug that he had bought at a thrift shop yesterday that had his initials on it. That was a true find as it even matches his decor. He would probably be the only person who would have bought it ! You never know what you will come across at a thrift shop.

I helped clean the Little Van, the Class B, the carpet, and did some laundry, and ran the dishwasher.

Today was a cleaning day.

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Joe and Sherri said...

Hello Penny I almost missed you last night on chat. I have been working 12 hour days and it is all I can do to make 1hour of chat each night.