Saturday, July 5, 2008

Best laid plans of Mice and Men..and Cashmere Cat.

Today, we attacked the sewer line. It was not leaking at the guest house laundry room end of my RVport, the problem was at the entrance to my RVport. The pipe had been crushed, probably by my heavy dually B+ running over it for the last 10 years, and was stopped up with dirt.

Here you can see where we cut that section out. Ray baled it out, and we put that liquid down one of my RV dump stations which is downline from there. We temporarily put in some couplings and an old piece of pipe, and put sawhorses over the trench, as I had to get Minkie to Adoption Day, after a shower of course.

When I got to Petco, I was informed that Minkie's prospective adoptive parents couldn't come today to see her. The husband had come down with a fever, and would re-schedule for next week.

So that is the fourth time this week that I have made plans to be somewhere at a certain time to meet someone about something, and it has not happened, so best laid plans of mice and men....., and don't count any chickens.....

While Minkie was on display at Petco, I went to Home Depot and Lowe's and picked up plumbing parts from a list I have been making since we put the double sink in the HiLo. Now maybe we can get that sink drain done, as well as our new sewer line.

A sweet small tabby cat, "Cashmere", that the SPCA rescued when she was just about to queen (have kittens), had her 4 kittens 10 weeks ago, before they could get her spayed. Two of the kittens have been adopted, and Cashmere was there at Adoption Day with the other two kittens. Now that Cashmere has been spayed, she was supposed to go to prospective adoptive parents herself today. They didn't show up, and Kenya was counting on her leaving as she has other rescues that she has to take in. The last two kittens did go to their 'forever' homes. That left Cashmere with nowhere to go. I opened my big mouth, hoping that after the first two days when Minkie and Cashmere could "meet" each other through cage bars, that they might play together. Minkie misses Boots so much.

So I came home with two cats in two carriers. I just turned Minkie loose in the house, then I took Cashmere's carrier into the dog room and opened it. I turned around to put litter in a box for her, and she was gone. I have hunted high and low, and I cannot find her. I have put some canned food, dry food and water out, where I can watch it through the glass door. She hasn't touched it yet. I know that there is no way that she could have got out of that room. I used a flashlight and looked behind the fridge and deep freeze that are in the middle room, behind the kennel cages in the grooming room, everywhere, but I can't see her. I have left the TV on for her, and there is a night light in there, so maybe she will come out during the night from wherever she is, and eat.
Poor little gal, she loses her last two kittens, and is hauled off to a strange place that smells of dog by a strange person, and is probably petrified.

It was not Cashmere's day.


Joe and Sherri said...

My Gosh Penny you are a busy soul! I just get tired reading about all you do! Are you ever going to slow down??

Joe and Sherri

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

The two kittens that got adopted are coming back. The sister of the new adoptive 'mom' is coming to live with her and she is allergic to cats. So they will have to go to Adoption Days, and start all over again, looking for a forever home.