Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just Did Odd Jobs, and Went Into Town

Here is a little bit better picture of Cashmere, laying on the kitty condo, watching what is going on.

I let her loose in my bedroom last night, after showing her where the box is in my bathroom. She slept under my bed all night and was quite happy. Minkie, who has been living in the house since Boots got adopted, is very outgoing, and she scares Cashmere. If Minkie is out of the way Cashmere will come out of her hiding place, be sociable and comes to me to be petted. Sometimes it is a chore to find out where she is because I have to put her back in the big cage, as that is the only time she will eat.

Friday, Ray and I got a little bit of work done before it got too hot. We got the drain hooked up to the new double sink that we installed in the HiLo. We moved the spare wheel bumper mount to the left, so that maybe we can put an AC in the back single awning type window temporarily. Then he started getting the outside top part prepared for painting with 0000 steel wool. I was still messing with this computer, and answering emails back and forth about the Class B and the aloe that I have for sale.

Yesterday, Saturday, Ray didn't work, and so I still messed with this thing, and even looked at some PC forums for ideas. Then in the afternoon, Jay called and wanted me to take him into town for a haircut as he was going to go to church this morning. I took him as his mother was not feeling well. I got a few groceries while I was waiting for him, and I was glad I carry a cold bag in the truck, as he wanted to eat while we were in town. We went to one of the six Mexican restaurants in town, and this one is named, when translated, "The Parrot", so I always call it that. I just took my cold bag in with me to keep my groceries cool. The beef fajitas were tender, and the plate also came with three huge butterfly shrimp, white cheese, mushrooms, refried beans, fried onions, rice, guacamole, lettuce, salsa and tortillas. One order was a lot of food for us to share, and still I brought home a 'doggie box', which I finished up tonight.

Today, Sunday, I was still fooling around with this darned contraption, trying to stop it from freezing up, and answering people's silly questions. They don't tell me their zipcode, so how am I going to know how much it would cost to send 2 or 3 big aloe plants? I have a shipping calculator on my eBay listing. As registered eBay users, it puts their zipcode in the shipping calculator for them, so they just have to put in how many of that item they want, and it works it all out for them. I have the weight of the item, and any handling charges, already loaded in the part of the listing that the public doesn't see, so the calculator can work out how much it would cost to ship 2 or 3. That is one great thing about computers.

So it has been a quiet few days.

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