Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Making Shade Where There Is None.

Ray couldn't start until 10.30 am. He had been moving his sister-in-law's stuff. He didn't want to do it, as everyone, including me, that has helped her move before, has "worked like a dog". Oh, I don't think most dogs work, so make that "worked like a slave". Then she can't even say "Thank You" , and it doesn't matter what out of pocket expenses you have, like gas, or "Just pick me up some cigarettes on the way here", she could care less. No wonder she doesn't get many offers of help, and had to get her sister to cajole her BIL to help. You know the type.

As we were starting late, the hot sun had come around that corner and so I got a big piece of cardboard, and put it on top of the lowered HiLo, held it down with a board. The parasols on the ladders were to keep the sun off our backs. Lemonade was the drink of choice.
We went over the white paint on the trailer where it felt rough with 600 grit Wet and Dry, and then 1500 grit. Now it is as smooth as a baby's behind. But it was too hot to paint.

Tomorrow is another day.

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