Thursday, July 10, 2008

Re-arranged Screen Porch.

Nothing interesting going on today, but I stayed busy.

This morning I did a lot of re-potting and re-arranging on the screen porch, which is on the front of the house, through a patio door off my living room. It is a separate place, and has no door to the outside. My front door goes into a hall. I hung up several hanging plants, and made more room on the shelves for the aloe.

I hope that Minkie won't mess with the hanging ones, like most cats she likes to play with dangling things. She had already batted the "spiders" off my spider plants. Bobcat could care less, she just likes to sit out there and watch the world go by. Cashmere's cage is right by that patio door so she was enjoying watching what was going on. Minkie was "helping" me, by knocking over potting soil, and putting bite marks in leaves. But she is very good, when I tell her "no", she stops. She has been raised like a dog, and comes when she is called, and listens to everything you say. I do hope that she gets a good forever home soon. She will make somebody a good companion, and travels well in her carrier.

This afternoon I was bill paying on line with My bills: lights, phone, cable, insurance, Lowes, Sears, Valero, etc. all go there and I just click which bank account I want them to come out of, how much to pay, and get a confirmation number, and I am done. It is all free, not like some online bill paying. I can't have my bills paid automatically, as I am one of the folks that gets their money at different times of the month, no set dates, and I like to do it myself, anyway. I can feel the flinches, as I hit the 'Pay' button !

This computer gives me fits sometimes, and today was one of them. I had a bunch of trouble trying to change a picture on an eBay listing, so I spent a lot of time messing with that. I already have free McAfee, but I had installed Norton, and they scanned it; AVG, and they scanned it. Avast scanned it. But it didn't seem to help. I had un-installed them, too, as I didn't want a bunch of programs cluttering up my machine. Then I bought a "scan and fix it" program, and it got rid of a bunch of junk, so it runs better now. But I will see how it goes in the next few days. It does have a money-back guarantee.

Just a 'nothing' day.

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