Saturday, July 26, 2008

Well, I Won't Do That Again...

Another boring post. After the fiasco with the couple of cats that weren't sociable at last week's Conroe Petco Adoption Day, I asked Kenya, my SPCA boss if I could take Kashy and Minkie to this Saturday's Adoption Day at the Petco in The Woodlands. Last Saturday the offending cats were in the prime middle height cages, and folks would try to pet them, through the cage bars, and get bitten or scratched, not hard, but enough to be off-putting. So the people would walk off thinking that we were trying to offer nasty cats, and wouldn't even look at the rest of them.

You wonder why Cashmere's name is really Kashmere. It is because she is really Kenya's foster, and the animals are give a name that starts with the same letter as the foster mom. I didn't know that was the proper spelling until last Saturday. When folks inquire about a certain animal either from the newspaper, Adoption Days, or the , it is easier for Kenya to know, instantly, where each animal is fostered.

Kenya still doesn't have room to take Kashy back, but when she does go back there she will be caged most of the time, and she hates that. I have Kashy loose in the house, except for when we are working in the mornings, as we have doors opening and closing. She twists and turns into a little pretzel trying to get away from the door of her cage when you try to put her in there. She has a 'santuary' under my bed, and that is her safe spot. But this computer is in my bedroom, and I frequently have to see if I have any questions to answer about my ads. Minkie and Bobcat stay on the porch while we are working, or else locked in my bathroom if it is too hot. Kashy is still leery of the screen porch, and as she is so little and can squeeze herself like a mouse through the tiniest opening, I don't want her there unsupervised anyway. I can't remember how big the hole is under the plant sink cabinet where the plumbing drain goes through, and then underground, to water my Red Maple tree in the front yard.

I think it has grown in the last three months. On very hot days I let the faucet drip very slowly to keep it watered. It still will only shade a lizard, and not the house yet, as intended.

I knew I would have to leave earlier, as it was three towns away, but when I looked it up on the maps, it was further than I thought. I drove about 60 miles, there and back. It wasn't really in The Woodlands, it was almost into Spring, TX. As we went through Conroe, past the Petco there, Minkie started meowing "Mom, you have gone too far".

My two kitties were put in a bottom cage together, and Kashy seemed a lot happier with Minkie with her. They are getting to be quite close playmates, and wash each other. The cat cages usually have sheets draped so that they can't see the dogs being offered, but my two are used to doggies, and I wanted them be able to see around them, so I tucked their sheet up. They enjoyed watching the comings and goings, which weren't much. This Petco doesn't have the traffic that the one in Conroe does, and the adoption area is off in a corner. We had a few lookers, including a family that said they already have too many animals, and each family member held some of the cats. Minkie was already stressed from being in unfamiliar surroundings, the extra long trip, and she wouldn't start her motor for them. Very unusual. (A really 'not need to know'; she threw up in her carrier after we passed Conroe. Thank goodness I had a spare blankie with me.)

I had a good parking spot under a shade tree, so I wasn't about to move the truck. I had intended to go to a WalMart to pick up a few things, but I walked to the 99c Store next to Petco, and got a bag of 5 onions, a bag of 7 kiwis, a bag of 5 big bananas, a canteloupe (39c), a couple of pair of reading glasses at 99c each, 3-litre soda, a loaf of Sara Lee wheat bread, and few other things all at 99c. each. I got a lot for $14, and normally $20 worth of groceries will fit in the glove box, but this haul had to go in the back seat of the truck ! I really needed a little bottle of milk, and some eggs, but I didn't have a cold pack in my cooler. I was going to get them before I left, but by the time I had helped them fold the cages, helped load the Adoption Day stuff, signs, looseleaf binders with the all the animal's details, etc., and Kenya's foster animals in her big van, then got my two carriers loaded, and strapped down with seat belts, I just wanted to get home.

A very disappointing Adoption Day.

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You are so caring...not many like you.