Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Truck's Back.Got Mindi's Dogs.Minkie New Home?

Mindi called and said that she would be bringing the most boisterous dogs today, after all. She and her husband are adopting a 15 month old people baby and now this was finally the date that he would arrive. She didn't want to have all the dogs around when the baby got there.

She brought 5 medium size dogs, and the great big fat Lab, "CD". I had already got the big cage out, again, and set it up in the grooming room for CD. Sometimes she isn't too nice to the smaller dogs, and I didn't want any issues as long as they are in my care. She wouldn't get in the cage. Ceasar found a chew bone in the toy box, and CD took it away from him, and was growling at the smaller dogs. I had already put a big collar on her, as I can kind of guide her gently with it, but she wasn't having any of that. I am not going to argue with a growling dog that weighs over 100 lb. !

So let I them all out into the back yard, rushed in and got the chew bone in the cage, and when CD came back in she went into the cage. Phew ! She still growled when one of the smaller dogs came near her cage as long as she had that bone. I found each of the smaller dogs a little rawhide chew thing of their own.

Also the truck was ready, so Ray and I went into the next town to get it. We took the Puddle Jumper, not his car, so that we could pick up the lawn mower from the repair shop. If I had it in the back of the truck, I wouldn't be able to stop anywhere. Whereas, if Ray had to stop anywhere, he could lock up the little old Mercury Tracer wagon. We got that done, but never got to do the digging to see where the leak is from the guest house washing machine drain.

Ray had to go do an unexpected pressure washing job, and I had to finish grooming at least one of the dogs, Ceasar, and I worked on him. In between all this, I was printing out the list of all the last month's calls on Ray's cell phone, so that Ray could look at them, as his bill said he had gone way over his minutes.

Then the internet cable went out so I turned on my laptop, as I have it connected to dial-up. Everytime I turn it on, it is updating something, Windows, Microsoft, AOL, AVG, etc. That's because it has been sitting in a corner just about ever since I bought it, until now. At least I could check my email on it, and answer some questions about my ads. I still can't get used to the keyboard, the main thing is that I am an old typewriter gal, and I am used to having a long space bar, and on this keyboard, too. So I keep on hitting the keys on each side of the little short space bar with my thumb, and so the laptop does unexpected things. As the little buttons, and holes around the sides, and above the keyboard aren't marked with anything but little hieroglyphics, I could see that I really needed the "destructions" for it. So when the cable came back on, I looked up the manual for it, and printed it out. I haven't had the nerve to try to get my printer attached to the laptop yet !!

Kenya called and they have an approved adoption application for Minkie, my little black foster kitten, and they want to meet her on Saturday. I will be so glad when she gets a forever home. For her sake and mine. As you know, she and Bobcat spend their mornings on my screen porch. I used to have some Spider plants (Airplane plants, to ole Brit me) with lots of little dangling spiders, (or airplanes). Minkie has caught all the spiders, and they are no more. On top of that she has chewed the bottoms of the hanging leaves. Then she lays down in the trays of little aloe plants and flattens them. Bobcat would never think of doing anything like that !

I took pictures of big CD, and of my injured plants, but I am back on dial-up as the cable went out again, so they won't load. I hooked the phone line to the desk top this time. I will add them later. Maybe when the cable company gets it all together my machine will run faster ?

Mindi picked up her dogs, so I am done with dogs for today.

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