Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Plants arrived back here. Titivating the Class B.

Yesterday afternoon the Mail Lady delivered the lost mailing tube with the big aloe in it to my front porch. If she rang the bell, I must have been in the side yard, as I didn't hear it, and I didn't find the box until this morning. I quickly got the poor plants unwrapped and potted. They had been in that box for 9 days. They were still alive but wilted, bruised and suffering. The box had a label on it "Forwarding Expired".

This is the sewer hose holder access door on the outside, I had one just like it on my Airstream Motor home. You can see the sharp bend it had to make, when we replaced the the 4" tube that holds the sewer hose. We fixed this a few days ago.

Ray and I had to do a couple of things to the Class B that hadn't been obvious before. Someone was coming to see it at noon. We noticed that there was some white paint missing right above the running board, so I taped it up, and Ray painted it.

The top burgundy stripe looked funky and weather beaten, so we took it off. All the rest of them, all over the rig are fine, just the top one looked ratty. You have to be shown that the stripe is missing. I arrived at Tasco's, the place that sells pinstriping, 3 minutes after they closed. I went into the next town to get paint, etc, after the guy had been to see the Class B. He looked it all over, checked that the fridge was cold, started the generator, looked at the solar panel on the roof, we took it for a drive, and he said that his wife would have to come see it, and would get back to me. I really think that he is interested, we will see.

An apprehensive day.

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