Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Packing stuff for shipping.Cashmere ate a Smidgeon

Today, Ray and I got this Boudoir Chair, which is sold, ready for shipping. We cleaned up the metal part, vacuumed the upholstery, took the back off, found a box, packed it in the box which is really larger than we needed. But is a nice sturdy microwave box.

Then I had some more aloe plants to send to new homes too. The size that I was selling right now come out of this batch. So I got out the scales again, and weighed and packed them up. When you choose the ones of the size that you are selling, there are always other smaller ones, and larger ones in the same pot. They grow and multiply so quickly, so they have to be re-potted. So I spent some time getting more pots ready, Large and small.

Ray took the Puddle Jumper around the corner to the convenience store with two gas cans. I know that a generator won't start unless you have at least a quarter of a tank of gas, and the TranStar gas gauge was near that mark. They are made that way so that you can't get stranded. I usually keep more than that amount of gas in it, but the last time I drove it to Cleveland, TX we were too tired after loading up all that building material in it, to stop for gas. I wish we had now, as gas was so much cheaper then.

Two lawnmower gas cans, and it was over $16. What is the world coming to ? Let's drill for our own oil, the caribou and whales will get over it. They did before. No wonder motor homes are getting harder and harder to sell. I have had folks tell me that they are going to little travel trailers rather than motor homes, to save gas.

This afternoon I went to the Post Office and got the Aloe mailed, but the chair box was too big, and I brought it home to repack it. I could have sent it as an oversize box, but as I have to go back into town tomorrow it wasn't worth the extra cost. I am going to hate re-packing it as we had loaded it up with styrofoam peanuts, and they are a dickens to move without making a mess.

Cashmere finally ate some of her dry cat food in the night, Hooray ! But she won't touch the canned cat food, tuna or sardines. So I ate the rest of the sardines for lunch. I brought her in here a little while ago, and held her on my lap, and got some more honey water down her. Tonight I will give her some more Feline Supplement.

My 'get packing' day.

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