Monday, July 21, 2008

Class B Sewer Hose Holder. More Aloe Plants mailed.

This is a picture of the access door to where the sewer hose stores, on the Class B.
The old holder inside this door had hung up on something at sometime, and was pretty beat up, bent out of shape, and part of it was missing.
Ray and I tried to make a new one out of thin wall PVC pipe, but there was no way that would work, with all the other stuff in the way under the Class B. So we knew why the original had been made out of 4" Heat/Air flexible expandable metal duct pipe.

Inside this little door the duct had to be bent at a close 90 deg. turn and we ran it all the way to the back bumper, under the rig.
The original would only have held a 10' sewer hose, but RVers know that often you need more than that. This might even hold 30', but at least 20'. The second picture is taken looking up under the Class B.

I mail out the aloe plants at the beginning of the week, so that they won't be languishing at some Post Office over a weekend. So today was the day. I have sold quite a few on eBay, usually the 10" ones, and those get mailed in flat boxes inside padded envelopes so they can go First Class Mail. This time it was the 20" ones that were sold, and they get mailed in 24" x 6" triangular mailers. I have some 36" x 6" Priority Mailers for the 30+" plants, but it doesn't look like I will need them. When I looked at my really big aloe plants, Minkie had either chewed on the leaves, or broken some of them off. No one expects to buy an ugly looking plant, so I guess I will just have to keep them until they look better, or just sell their "pups".

Thank goodness I was able to find enough pretty, 'un-Minkied' 20" ones to ship. She is such a sweet, loving, good, clean cat, does what she is told, comes when she is called, travels well, likes dogs, answers you if you talk to her, meows a 'thank you' if you give her something, but she can't be trusted around plants.

Another hot mailing day.

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