Monday, July 7, 2008

Tried to Air Up Inside Duals. Cashmere the Cat.

When you see the temperature here, don't forget about the 70%+ humidity !!

As the TranStar was out of it's RVport so that we could fix the sewer line, it was a good day to air up the tires and start the genny. Ray got the fancy hubcap off which is held on by two of the lug nuts. Here he is using a long 'cheater pipe' on the lug wrench. I have tire extenders for it, but they didn't work right so they are not on there now.

When I get the next set of tires for it, I will make sure that the right extenders are on there. Jay said that he used to check the inside duals when we did the "Monthly check list". Well, Ray and I found out that he couldn't have. It is impossible to air up the inside dual the way it is. We tried to take the outside dual off, as we had managed to ascertain that the inside one was 20 lb below normal. The floor jack kept on trying to move. So we got this 2 x12 board and drilled dents in it, to make the jack stable. We had chocked the wheels and I had applied the emergency brake. But it wouldn't go high enough to get the outside wheel off, we would have had to crawl underneath it to jack it up by the axle.

Now it is parked on a slope, and if the chocks and handbrake should let that nearly 10,000 beastie roll into the road, it could be a calamity. With the axle lifted, and as emergency brakes only work on the back wheels, there would only be one side chocked to stop it from rolling. We decided that we were going to let someone else do it. Better safe than sorry.

Cashmere will lie on top of the Kitty Condo now, but she still hasn't eaten. I have tried to tempt her with all kinds of things. I have held her, petted her, talked to her and she just won't eat. This evening I held her on my lap and got some honey & water in the side of her mouth with a syringe. (No needle, of course). Before I go to bed I am going to put some Feline High Calorie Food Supplement down her the same way. The Canine equivalent works great on dogs that don't want to eat. It either bucks up their appetite, or they decide that they would rather eat than have the supplement !!.

An unsuccessful day.

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