Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Jim Beam" Hits my Truck.Cashmere Moved.

Ray and I got the little boudoir chair repacked in smaller box. It wasn't such a sturdy box, but I packed it well.

Then we put new "chrome" trim around the wheelwell of the Little Van. The old trim looked like it had scraped something, and didn't look good. Thank goodness I had bought a new roll of it at a thrift shop some time ago. We rivited it at the ends, just like the original.

I thought someone was coming to see it today, but that didn't work out. Come to find out after several emails, that he wanted to trade an S-10 pick-up, that would be fine by me, but unfortunately after I checked it out on NADA, Edmunds, and Kelly Blue Book he seemed to think the truck was worth a $1000 more than they did.

I checked my Little Van out on NADA too, and I am asking less that what it books out at. He wanted me to give him $ and my van ! I don't think so.

Then we installed the long surge protector on a wall, up off the floor where I could get to it. When I read the instructions to my laptop, it said not to unplug the charger from the unit, but to unplug it at the wall. That surge protector was stuck behind my desktop, and there was no way I could get to it there.

We moved the German Shepherd cage into my living room, with Cashmere in it. She had been all alone in the grooming room. Now that she will come out of the Kitty Condo, and lay on top of it, she needed to get used to "house" noises, and Minkie wandering around. Bobcat ignores her. Cashmere ate some more of her dry food in the night, and even ate a little canned food this morning. I had held her in my lap yesterday evening and I think I even felt her "motor" running. But it sounded more like a bicycle going by.
I gave her some more water with a dab of honey, I think that is helping her.

I need to learn more about my camera, I can never take good indoor shots with it. This is the best I could do, to show you what she looks like. She is a tiny little tabby with white feet.

This afternoon I went to the Post Office and got the chair mailed off, and then to the water company to pay the bill. As I was backing out of the parking space, after looking left and right up down the road, this red flash caught my eye, and this guy in a little red car ran right behind me, not from the road, and we collided. He had just left a parking space at the liquor store, and said that he didn't see me. I called the local cops, and a local Constable car came by, and then a police car. The police did a sobriety test on him, making him walk a line, etc. and eventually hauled him off in handcuffs. Then they searched his car and found a plastic glass with booze in it and an open bottle of Jim Beam. His mirror had hit my tail light and broken it, and that made the corner below it bend. It was difficult to see if my truck had done any damage to his car, as it had been hit before, and there was rust on the previous dents. I hope that is one more drunk off the road for a while.

Not really my day.

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Joe and Sherri said...

Looking good Penny. Sherri should have her computer next week and she will be back on chat with us.