Saturday, June 5, 2010

Your Special K-9 Partner. Adoption Day

Now, your clever dog can now show off it's talents shoulder to shoulder with the AKC registered 'big boys'. 
Agility, Obedience and Rally events are now open to all dogs.   This is great step for K-9dom.

I don't believe in deliberately mixing breeds, (like 'labradoodles, and such), but there are so many wonderful mutts out there, and they all deserve our love and the best recognition of their achievements.

"Dear Dog Lover,
We are pleased to inform you of a decision made by the AKC Board which will enhance the AKC Canine Partners program. This exciting new program allows mixed breed dog owners to list their dogs and participate in AKC Agility, Obedience and Rally events starting April 1, 2010.
While each club’s participation in the AKC Canine Partners program will remain voluntary, clubs may now choose to allow mixed breed participation at any AKC Agility, Obedience or Rally event. Mixed breeds will compete in the same classes and earn the same titles as their purebred counterparts." 
More at:

If you wish to enter your agility, or obedience trained dog, look for a place here:
Here is a mutt who entered and won third prize:


Ray and I finished getting the 'for sale stuff' out of the Hall this morning.  Most of it was taken over to the storeroom, except for the computers and electronics.  Those are now on, or in, the shelves of the Hall bookcase, away from pet hair.

We cleaned the floor, vacuumed all the books, shelves, top of the ancient cedar coat closet, polished the furniture, cleaned the windows, and re-hung the mini-blinds.  I grabbed a quick cheese and apple butter sandwich, and changed my clothes.  I was already worn out when it came time for Ray to help me load up the cat cages at 12.30pm ready for Adoption Day.

Of course, scaredy-cat Patches didn't want to go, but I insisted, as lot of people have been looking at her webpage, and she needs to get used to being out and about. 
Easy going Prime, as usual, goes along with whatever is going on. 
Paco traveled in a small carrier, seat belted in the passenger seat, but I lead him into the store on a leash.  He was very good while in one of the display cages, and had a lot of admirers.  He had pictures taken for his own webpage.
But Patches and Prime jammed themselves in the bottom storey of a two storey kitty condo, and I had to extricate them, as they were getting too hot. 
I put Prime on the top shelf, and told her to stay there, and she did.

We had several couples who said they were going to do their applications online. Even if they haven't got an animal picked out, it speeds up the process if their applications have already been checked out and approved. 
We think that "Foots" the Boxer, and "Hope" the Dachshund will have new homes, if the apps. are approved.  All our animals are raised in foster homes, as we (SPCA) don't have a shelter in our county, so they are treated like pets, and are all very sweet, but those two dogs are extra sweet.

While the animals were there, I really should have gone to Krogers, Lowes and Wal-Mart, but I just stayed in the Adoption Room.  We take each of the dogs out at least once during their hours at Adoption Day, so I helped with that, and talked to prospective parents.  We have a two loose leaf books there, 1 for dogs, and 1 for cats, and each animal has it's own page, with pictures, and a description of it's personality, so we can answer questions about each other's fosters.

Kenya helped me load them back in the van, and Ray helped me unload them at home, but it has been a sore, tiring (Aleve) day.

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