Thursday, June 17, 2010

Iams Recall. North To Alaska!

By Hope Schultz for WebVet

"Heads up, all you cat owners. There's yet one more pet food recall and it could be effecting you favorite furry friend.

Procter & Gamble announced yesterday the voluntary recall of Iams ProActive Health canned cat and kitten food -- all varieties of 3 oz. and 5.5 oz. cans -- distributed in North America.

Apparently, diagnostic tests were run and it was determined that the product contained extremely low levels of thiamine (Vitamin B1), which is essential to good health in cats. It seems that cats who were fed this particular product are at much greater risk for developing signs of thiamine deficiency. "

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Pamala called this morning to say that they were leaving Wendy's (my daughter), and would be here about 11.00 AM. The truck was all packed down, and they had installed a running board step along each side. When they leave here, the next stop is Ponca City to pick up the cabover camper.

I rushed into town to get some leg tips for one of my chairs that they were going to take with them. Ray had painted it yesterday, so it was all new looking. We all got here at the same time.

They had a cuppa tea, and called TomTom, something about the 'interactive', as it is a toll free call on my land line.

We chatted a bit, Nigel loaded the last few things they were taking from here, a 30 amp to 15 amp adapter, a USA map placemat, and a folding table.
Pamala took this picture of me and my brother, Nigel.
We have never been in photo together before!
Hugs all around.
They should be back around October.

They had already said that the trip would start from here, not Wendy's, so the trip odometer was zeroed out, and off they went.

And they are OFF!             Here they are backing out at Noon today.


Ms. Fiddlesticks said...

So glad you could get a pic of you and your brother. Always an exciting time when you start a new trip.

Sandra said...

Did you tell them they need to do a blog?

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thanks for your comment.
Oh, Yes, Sandra.
As I said on Tuesday,
"You know I got them set up with Live Writer, and Blogger!"
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Oh glad you got a pic of the two of you... will be interesting to follow their adventures. I hope you blog about their trip for the rest of us to follow along?

Karen and Steve
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