Sunday, June 6, 2010

D-Day. Snakebite. More Cleaning.

My gosh, it is D-Day again: 
I remember that day in 1944.  The only day my girlfriend and I had played hooky, and there hundreds of planes going south over London. We didn't know what to make of it.  We were used to planes going over us, and the Germans dropping bombs on us, but we had never seen so many planes at once.  We went around a corner, and ran straight into my grandma, so that ended that day of hooky!
We didn't know how important that day was, as we didn't realize what war was all about. All we knew was that we were "at war", but it was all we had known, so we didn't know what "peace" was.

"I was astounded to find that the once-traditional methods of dealing with the injury have nothing to do with the current and cmerlo3.JPGorrect treatment of a venomous snakebite.
Sucking or cutting the wound site, using a tourniquet, holding the afflicted area above the heart or icing down the wound are now considered absolute NO-NO's and can actually cause disfigurement, infection and even death if used for treatment."
"A severely swollen hand was only one of the many effects from the rattlesnake bite."
See the new commended methods for treating snakebite:

Make sure you have a snakebite kit in your RV.


When I drove the van yesterday, I discovered that we had glued the little 'fish-eye' mirror in the wrong place.  We got it off with some Goof-Off and a razor blade, and glued it to a different corner of my driver's side mirror, with Marine Goop. While they are rebuilding the freeways in Conroe, there are some pretty dangerous exits, and I want to be able to see who's a-comin', when I am on the feeder road.

Ray and I took down the living room Old Rose drapes, and cornices, which match my couch, so I could wash them, but I decided to put the off white ones back up. 
That meant Ray getting on a step ladder and handing them down from the top of my closet.  Some of the things there hadn't been washed for a while, so that caused two loads of laundry.  And some painting.  That part of the rack along the top of the closet, looked like it was almond, not white like the rest. So we washed it and spray painted it with white plastic paint.  It's dry, so now I can put everything back.

We got the all the drapes back up in the Hall.

Front door&windows-1

Front door on the left.   Middle Room door across from it.

The round thing in the window is a clock facing out into the RVport.  This retiree needs to know the time.

Ancient cedar coat closet
To Middle-Room
More of the Hall

Cedar coat closet,
with Paco's leash hanging off knob

Door to Middle Room.

Now, that Hall was never supposed to have been there, but I am glad it is, now though.
On the plans, it was supposed to be a covered entry porch for my plants, but the contractors read it wrong, so enclosed, and sheet rocked it. 

That is why there is a double glazed patio door going from the side of my living room into the Hall!!
Another patio door is on the front of the living room, and goes into the screen porch.

So we built in another glass door, and window, going into the Middle Room, which goes to the Grooming Room. And trimmed it in cedar, to match the coat closet.

You can just see the cat's cages through that window.

The door on the left side of the Middle Room, is a small narrow full bathroom, where I wash the dogs.

It has a 46" tub in it, just right for washing dogs.

It was made out of a 10 ft. long space, 46" wide at one end, 24" at the other.

This is the restroom outsiders use, so they don't have to go through my bedroom to the Master Bath.


Now, remember this just started out as a 14ft x 34ft winter casita, but it grew!

Our temperatures are record highs, and it is another hot, humid one today.

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