Saturday, June 12, 2010

How Much Water Do You Really Need? Truck Shopping.

So What About Those Eight Glasses?
"Contrary to popular belief, there is no evidence to suggest that drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day will make you healthier. And relying on the eight-glass rule may not be enough to avoid dehydration in certain circumstances.

The truth is, either approach will probably work just fine -- for the most part. But your fluid needs can vary, depending on your activity level, the weather, environmental conditions, and even the medications you may be taking.

Getting to know which situations are likely to increase your need for fluids can help you stay sufficiently hydrated. But don't go overboard. There's no point in drinking more water than you need, just for the sake of it. At the very least, you'll end up running to the bathroom every 10 minutes. At worst, you could put yourself at risk of a life-threatening condition called hyponatremia, or water intoxication.

What About Sports Drinks?
Sports drinks are fine if you prefer the taste, but they don't typically hydrate the body at a faster rate than water. Also, some research indicates that sports drinks may cause more gastrointestinal discomfort than water does, and they contain sugar, which will add to your daily calorie intake."

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We needed plenty of water yesterday, while driving around looking at trucks!  It was hot, and summer isn't here yet.  We went north to Huntsville, TX, and all the way down I-59 South in Houston.

On the way back there was the usual Friday traffic, so I really confused Nigel's TomTom lady.  I found the HOV (High Occupancy Vehicles) lane coming out of Houston, by getting off the freeway and going through downtown Houston.  I knew it had to be there somewhere.  It was a breeze to sail past all the 'parking lot' traffic. Nigel took pictures, but I don't have them yet.

My brother and sister-in-law have a deposit on a Dodge 3500.  It has a couple of things for the dealer to fix, before they pick it up next week.  No pictures until we know this one is a done deal!!

Now the search for the cab over camper is on!
We searched Craigslist until late last night, and wrote to several about sending more pictures.  
One replied this morning, and sent 11 pictures of the inside, but didn't say which truck camper it is.  Don't sellers realize that people don't ask about just one ad?

Ray took Misty to the vet for me about her bad eye, and I will get a report on that later.

We are hoping to spend a quiet day at home today.

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