Saturday, June 19, 2010

Report Oil, Hurt Wildlife. Sugar-Milk?

If you see tar balls, oiled or injured wildlife caused by the Gulf Oil Spill, please send in a report on this form:

If you wish to be more involved, and get a big camping discount, then sign up here:

RV-ers Aid Oil Spill Cleanup
"Many campgrounds along the Gulf Coast are open and running normally except for one thing. They offer big discounts to RVers who come to the area to help with the oil spill cleanup. If you want to help wildlife during this tragic event, you're especially welcome because you arrive with your own food and bed. Contact the National Wildlife Federation to see how and where you can help.
Then contact local campgrounds to ask for a discount on a campsite."

Obesity Epidemic starts early.

"There's a lot of speculation about the nature of our obesity epidemic. What's causing it exactly? Is it fast food or high-fructose corn syrup or hours of TV watching?
Maybe it has to do with chemicals. Is there a silver bullet that will solve the problem? Scientists are hard at work designing studies to get to the bottom of this tricky conundrum.
But what if we were to stop waiting for experts to tell us everything and apply a little good, old-fashioned logic to the situation?
What we should do is look at the fact that at every possible juncture in children's lives, the industrial food universe's marketing machine is bent on training our kids to adore sweet things. Exhibit A: Mead Johnson's Enfagrow Premium, a line of toddler formula for kids one-to-three years old, whose main claim to fame is a huge amount of sugar, according to ABC News." 
More at:


Ray and I put the shelf back in the walkway, on new blocks, so the feet wouldn't be in the dirt. That part is under the roof, so it doesn't get wet.  Yes, that rear wall is angled, the original part of the house was following 5' from the lot line.  When I bought another lot, the addition could come out straight. Here are Misty and Paco coming in from the back yard. That big black cord that Misty is stepping over, is the cord to my motor home in the RVport, which is the other side of that lattice fence.

Then we cleaned the Middle Room.  I had not let the foster cats out onto the porch this morning, as they had been naughty yesterday evening, and wouldn't go back into their room for their dinners.  They know the drill, but were just being 'catty'!  Cats here, have to be like dogs, and do what they are told!

So, they had to listen to the shop vac, while we took their cages down and vacuumed the loose sheets of linoleum they sit on.   It is so much easier to tend to the cages with them up off the floor. Just the usual jobs around here.

Neither I, nor my daughter, have heard from Pamala and Nigel, today.

P.S.  This evening, I turned on my cell phone to make a call which would have been Long Distance on my land line, and there was a text message:     "All OK. Nigel"
I have never texted in my life, and I tried to text back "Good", but it got sent with just "Go"!

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