Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hidden Corn Everywhere. Doggie Dental.

Yesterday, Sandra said that Gordon might have a 'corn sensitivity': 
"Then we stopped at Natural Food Pantry to pick up some gluten free bread and also bread mix. Since Gordon hasn't been eating corn tortillas, he's been eating more bread. All symptoms point to a possibility that he's developed a sensitivity to corn."

What Is The Difference Between Allergy, Intolerance And Sensitivity?

But corn and High Fructose Corn Syrup are everywhere:

Corn Allergy Image"Lick a gummed envelope flap to seal it, and you’ve just tasted corn.  Lather up with shampoo, and you’ve got corn seeping in to your pores.  Brush your teeth, and you’ve got corn in your mouth.  Walk past the perfume counter in any department store, and you’ve just inhaled corn into your lungs.  The madness doesn’t end here.  Corn is everywhere.

For those of us with corn allergies, it’s not just the corn-on-the-cob and the hush-puppies that are the problem, thank you very much.  No, it’s the vitamin D in fortified milk, the food-grade wax coating fresh produce, the dextrose mixed into iodized salt, the citric acid used to rinse loose greens and baby carrots, and the cornstarch filler in baking powder. A friend of mine used to joke that I couldn’t even drink water, and that’s not far-fetched.  If you’ve taken a sip from a bottle of mineral-enhanced water recently, you’ve swallowed corn."
More at:

Even in Subway's "9-grain" bread:|htmlws-main-n|dl3|link6|

It is getting more and more difficult to eat without somebody tampering with our food:
Even certain toilet bowl cleaners are in our food:

And it is all about the money. 
Companies will sell you anything to make a buck, even the stuff that isn't good for you.
It all comes back to reading, and understand, the labels.


Doggie Dental and Neutering Surgery.

Yesterday afternoon I was supposed to meet my SPCA boss, Kenya with the three dogs that were having surgery today.  She would keep them overnight, and take them to the vet in Spring, TX, in the morning.  
Sam, my neighbor with the stroke and possibly Alzheimer's, chickened out, and said he didn't want Mikey neutered or his teeth cleaned after all.  Someone gave him the idea that something could happen to Mikey, which let's face it, it could. 
I have been working on this for ages, so it was a big blow.  Sam had wanted to pay me the money to get it done some time ago, but I didn't want to take it, until it was done.  I was trying to help him by having a really good vet do it.

We (SPCA) hear lots of stories about some vets not disinfecting the anesthesia masks, and other equipment, in between patients.  Then they can catch diseases, and other infections.  Kenya, a previous vet tech, has often helped with the surgeries at our vet, so she knows that this vet is meticulous.

I was not happy with the way some of the local vets had done dental procedures on MaeMae, Maddie, and Critter, they all seemed to have nasty after effects, and were not prescribed pre- and post surgery antibiotics.  So this is why I am paying to have Misty's dental surgery done by this vet chosen by our SPCA.  Her infected teeth and gums are in terrible condition, so this surgery is being done before the eye removal surgery, to lessen the chance of infection.

Ray helped me get the second seat back in my van, so I could use the seat belts to strap in Misty and Paco's carriers.  If Mikey had been with me, Paco's carrier would be strapped in the passenger seat.

We transferred Misty and Paco in their carriers, into Kenya's van at 4.30, and I immediately started missing them.  Especially Paco.  
When I got home, scaredy-cat Patches was really upset, as she loves Misty, and rubs against her all the time.  She kept on coming to me and meowing "Where is my doggie?".  Patches seems to know that Misty is nearly blind, and watches over her.

Kenya called and said that Misty was barking, so she took her out to pottie again. I told her that is Misty's way of protesting something, and trying to get her own way, which doesn't work around here!  She finds that out, so she shuts up.  But I suggested that she put Paco and Misty together, and that calmed her down.  It must be very confusing for both of them.  Normally, Kenya keeps the animals there for their post op care, but as I have done it so many times, I will be doing it, so they will be back here today.

It seemed so strange not to have to take dogs out last thing last night and this morning.

I have changed all their bedding, so now I am just waiting for my doggies to come home today.


Sandra said...

Thanks, Penny. It is getting more and more difficult to find things that we can eat although we don't seem to be losing weight. It is a really big pain!

Hope your little doggies come back with no added problems from the surgery.

Gypsy said...

When I was in Costco a few days ago I went to pick up my regular Calcium tablets, checked the ingredients and found they now contain cornstach! Needless to say, I bought another brand.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thanks for your comments, Sandra and Gypsy.

It must be especially difficult for you two, with your separate dietary needs. I wasn't aware that either of you needed to lose weight. You look fine to me.

My doctor told me that it is most important to take calcium tablets that include Vitamin D to help the calcium absorb into the body and bones.
Did yours tell you that?

Happy Trails, Penny, TX