Wednesday, June 2, 2010

RV & CG Budgets. BBQ. Painting.

Anonymous said... “Although new to motor-homing, I had the chance to talk to an old timer full timer about the costs involved. He made a great point about finances.

"If you couldn't balance a check book and bills were always late paid, you still wont be able to balance a check book and the bills will still be late, but now you will run out of gas"!

I can see his point. You will have to be good at managing your finances or fulltime will not work for you.”

But it is not just your budget, Campgrounds have them too:

"As campers, we can do a lot to help both private and public campgrounds reduce their operational cost.

Too many campers consider the un-metered electricity included in the campsite cost like an “all you can eat” buffet. They run their air conditioners or electric heaters even when the RV is unoccupied. Behavior similar to what we practice at home by turning off lights and lowering thermostats could save campground owners thousands of dollars in annual electrical cost.

Not littering, perhaps taking the daily trash to a dumpster yourself, cleaning up the shower or sink in a bath house after use, and just being a responsible camper can add to the reduction in expenses a campground incurs.

The bottom line to all of this is we want nice campgrounds with big sites, full hookups and low rates. If we want this combination to continue, we must do everything possible to help the campground owners keep their expenses down."

Now for news here:

 Late yesterday afternoon, I was doing laundry in the attached workshop.  (All inflammables and paints are stored in the shed outside.)  The lock was still off that door from painting it, so I could close it, but not latch it. 
Patches loves to open unlatched doors with her paw, so Prime and Patches got in the workshop.  It was 91 deg. in there, but that is where they wanted to be, laying on that mat!

Gee, and I am paying for AC for them, and they want to be out there.  Took me ages to get Patches, even food wouldn't coax her, but finally she knew she had to go back in the grooming room if she wanted any supper.

Sweet 'n Sour Pork.

Last night I got ambitious to try a new recipe, and made a very good dinner.  I had bought a jar of Woody's Sweet 'n Sour BBQ Sauce because I like Woody's Cook-in' BBQ Sauce.  I don't like the taste of most BBQ sauces.

I followed the recipe on the Sweet 'n Sour jar, made with cubed pork, onion, bell pepper, can of pineapple chunks simmered in some Sweet 'n Sour sauce.  I omitted the can of tomato sauce, but used some of the pineapple juice.  It said to put it over rice, but I didn't want to do that, so I cut up a potato.  It was an easy "one pan meal", and yummy.  It would be good for camping.


First thing, Ray put the lock back on that door.  Then we glued back on some of my red, white and blue 9/11 Memorial Flowers which had fallen off the wreath on my front door.  Even added some new ones. It has been there since that terrible day.

It was not a day to be outside, as we are expecting rain, so it was very humid, so we concentrated on indoor jobs.

Roman Ogee Router Bit Profile
There are still some rough places on the baseboards and trim that we haven't fixed over the years. 
The contractors who finished that part of the house had tried to save money and roughly routered 1 x 4's with a dull Ogee bit and the baseboards caught dirt and dust.  
As we were trying to get all the baseboards and trim repainted, now is the time to fix that.  I washed the lower wall and baseboards on the east side of the dining area and a little way into the kitchen, so Ray sanded and painted all that.
Paco, formerly Sugarboy, is still looking at that recliner, and then looking at me… then, when he goes out, he looks through the front fence to the parking area and back at me… and asks me when someone will bring back his little girl friend.   But he is getting over her and doesn't give an occasional  little low howl now.  He is very good, but scared of men.  He scampers back into his bed if Ray talks to him.    Patches is still terified if there is a man in the house, and she gets in her little tiny hidey-hole safe place behind one of the kennel cages in the grooming room.
I have the wheels in motion to get him neutered and get his really bad teeth cleaned.  Judging his age by his teeth, he looks a lot older than he acts.   Saturday, I will pick up the antibiotic that all dogs should take before and after, they have a teeth cleaning, then we can get him done.

The high temperature here was 93.3° today.

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