Sunday, June 27, 2010

RV Electricity! Pergola.

"There’s not much of a faster way to ruin your day than to have an electrical fire. That acrid smell, perhaps accompanied by the grating sound of arcing, then that smoke. When an RV catches fire, it usually puts on a spectacular show, but it doesn’t last long.
RV fires can be caused by many things, some of which can be prevented. Loose electrical connections produce heat, and heat in turn, fire. RVs, because of bouncing down the road, put up plenty of vibrations that can lead to loose electrical connections. What’s to be done? Follow a regular schedule of tightening your electrical fittings."
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It’s only fittin’ to tighten your fittings

"Watch this brief overview about how 120-Volt AC operations work in an RV and pick up some valuable troubleshooting tips to find shorts, intermittent electrical problems, and the most common electrical failures. This three-minute video is excellent. Every RVer should watch it."


Ever since we worked on the pergola, every time it rained, water had been coming down in front of my front door porch.  I couldn't get in or out of the house, or to the van without getting wet.  One piece of gutter hadn't been put back up.

So I leashed Paco and we went to pick up Jay.  There was a stray Boxer dog loose in their yard, so I couldn't put Paco down to walk him.  The disadvantages of having such a little dog.  So we went on their fenced porch, and Maddie, the tiny Yorkie, was out there. 
She is an excitable little critter and she pawed at my legs while I held Paco up away from her.  I didn't think he wanted to be hassled by her so soon after his surgery on each end. That scratching got my Dermatographism going, so I had itchy red welts on my legs.
We brought Maddie back here.

Jay got up on the house roof and replacPergola-17May10-3ed the gutter that he had taken down, over the pergola.  I was 'gofer', handing him screws, tools, etc. in the bucket on a rope. 
We took one part of the lattice down again, and put another ledger board up there to hold the pergola roof a bit higher, hoping to make it drain better, and replaced the lattice.  We will see how that works, next time it rains.  20% chance tomorrow.

Jay helped me put my shower rod and curtains back up, since I just washed them.  I clipped around Maddie's face and tail, as she was getting straggly, and applied her Revolution for this month, to avoid fleas, heartworms, mange, mites, etc.

Our high was 96 deg., but humid, at 3.00 PM today.

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