Thursday, June 3, 2010

Speak for Defenseless. Painting.

"We are all aware by now that Billy Joe Gregg Jr has been arrested and is in jail on 12 counts of animal cruelty at Conklin Dairy Farm. We are also aware that his boss and owner of the farm, Gary Conklin is also seen, however briefly, kicking a cow violently in the face, yet no charges against him have been filed. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!" 
"Animals Do Not Have A Voice Of Their Own. If We Do Not Stand Up And Speak For Them... Who Will?!" ~ Joan E Loza Mobry.

Letter by Jaime Lee Curtis:
"Mr. Conklin,
Our daughter came to us last night urging us to watch the video of the abuse at your plant. She was overcome with grief that human beings could inflict such cruelty and unconscious hatred at the most benign of creatures and their infants. The shocking images were too much for her father and me but we watched enough to know where it led……..
It's all here in this petition, which we encourage everyone to sign."
~ Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest
More at:

By me:     The video is very gruesome, and very disturbing.

Please, please sign this petition.  It is disgusting what these torturers are doing to the cattle.

They are enjoying beating the little calves and helpless cows so much that I am sure that they carry it home with them, and they treat their wives and kids this way too?

My views:

Even a calf and it's mother deserve to be treated properly, even if they are in a slaughter house waiting to be made into veal cutlets and hamburgers!

I was married to someone who loved to torture and mistreat animals, and it didn't stop there.  I was beaten and judo chopped to near death.  I felt so helpless, with nowhere to go, but I managed to get out of that situation before he hurt my little daughter.  These cattle can't get away from their torturers.

Even if you have never encountered cruelty like that, please feel for these animals, and help get this stopped.

If you see or hear of anyone, child, senior or animal being mistreated, PLEASE report it.  
You can save a life.

More about other farms:
"On factory farms, animals are subject to unspeakable cruelty every single day. In battery cages, gestation crates and veal crates, chickens, pigs, and calves endure confinement so extreme that they cannot stand up, turn around, stretch their limbs, or lie down comfortably. Unable to exercise their most basic natural behaviors, these animals exhibit signs of extreme psychological distress. This daily reality for millions of farm animals across the nation is rarely covered on the nightly news."


PICT0003-1Ray and I moved the dining room table from underneath the pass-through going into the kitchen, sanded and painted the wall and baseboards. 

He handed me the crystal glasses off the shelf so I could wash them.  We did get that wall and one to the right of it done, but the whole place is still in an upheaval, as we haven't put the table or chairs back yet.


Here are Paco and Patches under the table. 
I am surprised that scaredey-cat Patches is that close to him!

Paco thinks the phone is a door bell, so he barks and runs to the front whenever it rings. 
I think he hopes it is his girlfriend coming back to see him.

It rained all morning, so everything is greener, cooler, and less humid today.


Gypsy said...

That poor, lovesick little pooch!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Won't be for long!
His 'lovesicks' are coming off, when he gets his bad teeth done!