Sunday, June 20, 2010

Why Boycotting Doesn't Hurt BP. Happy Father's Day. Patio Door

"BP has emerged as the country's most hated company thanks to the ongoing gulf oil spill, and Americans have launched a grassroots boycott of BP gas stations. But there's just one problem with the campaign -- BP doesn't own the gas stations that bear its name.
"BP doesn't even own the 11,000 BP-branded stations in the United States," reports the Chicago Tribune. "The company started getting out of the retail gas-selling business a couple years ago. In fact, all big oil companies did because it wasn't profitable enough."

Meanwhile, some of those independently owned BP stations are reporting up to a 20 percent decline in sales.
BP is urging customers not to take out their anger on the small business owners who own the stations. "We do apologize for what's happened so far," BP spokesman Scott Dean said. "And we would hope they don't take out their frustration on some local business people who really have nothing to do with incident other than they market under our brand." "

To all the Dads out there:


Today, Ray and I tried to put new rollers on the bottom of his patio door.  This mean removing the screen, unscrewing and removing the stationary panel, then the operating panel.  
No matter what we tried, even resorting to reading the directions, we couldn't get the old rollers out. We couldn't get the door apart, either.   But remember this door had been through a flood, before the building was moved here, so everything was a bit messed up.

I wanted to buy a new patio door, but they come pre-assembled, so it wouldn't fit in my van.  Now, I have to wait until tomorrow, and either buy a trip ticket for my motor home to carry a new one.  (That rear door is so handy).  Or buy tags for my utility trailer.  Or take the operating door out, which will fit in the van, and have a glass company re-do it.  It needs new gaskets on the bottom anyway!    Decisions, decisions!

So we had to put it all back together again today.

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